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47.) Krím-félsziget _ Crimea - Krym-peninsula _ Крим _ Ukraine - :Украины térkép, map, chart, karta, Карты- topograph, kartograph _ JEPPESEN

Krím-félsziget - Crimea - Krym-peninsula. Крим Ukraine: Украины térkép, map, chart, karta, Карты, topograph, kartograph & I.C.A.O. JEPPESEN aeronautical chart. Vladimir Putin & Soygu

Refreshed! to-100%- 18+ 09.09.2015.-Regulated

above: MedRes! Vadimir Putin on board at Crimea, left behind of him S. Soygu MoD
above: NoHigher! Putyin

above: MedRes! Riding Putin on a kamcathkaian bear
above: NEW! NoHigher! The Krimea was Russian during Nicholas - Miklós czar's during time of reining.   source: -


a map of Krím-félsziget _ Krym, Crimea-peninsula Russian invasion & occupation by Armed Forces 2014. march due Sevastopol

above: NEW pic: Juci'bacsi scanned collection early 1970's: Soviet's most dangerous missile fast boat 'Osa'.
above & below: NEW! NoHigher! 'Zvezda' M503 was a maritime 6 rows, 42 cylinders diesel radial engine built in the 1970s by the Soviet Union. Its primary use was in Soviet missile boats ('Osa'), which used three of these engines.


divide of Aerial Chart of Black-sea

above: HiRes! Aerial Flying Route Map of the Ukraine and Black-sea's Western basin

Balbek military Airfield

Fight for Sevastopol between Soviet Army, Marines and Wermacht. HiRes!

below: Left: Карты военных объектов Крыма - Military objects in Crimea
above: NEW! MedRes! The Black-sea engagement

above two: NEW! MedRes! The Syrian crisis in new 'Cold-War' and US Navy 6th Fleet & Russian Mediterranean Task Force.

 below threeNEWMedRes! Still life at port:  'Gucci' mode and escort girl out door.

above: NEW! Silent-Life in Port: Left: MedRes!  Right: MedRes!
following: Ports of Bosporus & Dardannellak gap
Turkey - Istanbul
below the beautiful and useful:

Marmara sea and Bosphorus

Royal Navy maritime chart
above: NEW! MedRes! An Port-master of Istanbul - Egy kikötőmester Isztambulban

above: NEW! HiRes! 'Jeppesen' aeronautical enroute map about Istanbul district.   below: Left: MedRes! Jeppesen Airport Diagram sheet LTBA Ataturk.   Right: NoHigher! MedRes! Istanbul International Airport "Atatürk" Halimani - Gidis Kati (former leader Kemal Atatürk) {former neme: Yesilköy}

above: New! This Istanbul city street cook and food didn't visible on Google-Earth aerial photo

below: and His amazons: NEW! Left: HiRes!  Right: MedRes! motor-yacht with marine watch

above: NEW! MedRes! 'Panerai' - 'Luminor' "Submersible Flyback" diver watch

above: NEW! NoHigher! Original soviet scale 1:500.000 civilian map of Crimea oblasth - district

Крим - 3D Crimea graphic

geology of Krym peninsula
above: NEW pic: Juci'bacsi scanned collection from 1970's Hungarian "Igaz Szó" Katonai Magazin - 'True Word' Military Magazin; about Soviet Navy; on Naval Officer College navigation study and crew of patrol boat ...

below: NEW! MedRes! blonde Pin-Up Girl; Geographical & Navigation teacher with demo globe-ball, Her forefinger pointing gate of Dardanellak on theglobe demo and Compass-Rose / Red-star badge is on Her blouse-shirt.

below: HiRes! Nautical charts. two NEW two Pics! HiRes! The Kerch - tight - gate
above & below: MedRes!
above: two: MedRes!
above: Hi Res!

above: NEW! HiRes! National Geographic

above & below: NEW! MedRes! The Shore Alert Service (SAS) as lighthuse's crew with Ford 'Mustang' Sport Car cabrio. - The wave of sound is strength to Victoria's Secret Heidi Klum  source: artbyal

above: NEW! MedRes! 18+ Torpedo netdefenders of Port of Sevastopol: Left: Eva Herzigova Czech model

 NEW! Russian "Sovremennhy" class - BMS: below: HiRes!

above & below: NEW! MedRes!

Moskva (Москва the Russian name for the city of Moscow, ex-Slava, Слава which means "Glory") is the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class of guided missile cruisers in the Russian Navy.
The ship is currently held under the patronage of the city of Moscow. Slava was laid down in 1976 in Shipyard 445 of the 61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant in Nikolayev, was launched in 1979, and commissioned on 30 January 1983. Slava returned to Nikolayev in December 1990 for a refit but was not returned to service until April 2000. Recommissioned as Moskva, she replaced the Kynda-class cruiser Admiral Golovko as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. In early April 2003, Moskva, along with Pytlivy, Smetlivy, and a landing ship departed Sevastopol for exercises in the Indian Ocean with a Pacific Fleet task group (Marshal Shaposhnikov and Admiral Panteleyev) and the Indian Navy. The force was supported by the Project 1559V tanker Ivan Bubnov and the Project 712 ocean-going tug Shakhter.
above: NEW! HiRes!
In , what must be direct orders from Putin, the naval pride and lethal missile cruiser, Slava (Glory) Moskva, is now steaming on full speed (32 knots) towards Syria. Slava Moskva, is the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class of guided missile cruisers in the Russian Navy.  Crew of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Guard missile cruiser Moskva entered upon routine service after completion of dock repair at the fleet’s ship repair plant in Sevastopol.
Below: NEWTop Left: 130 mm AK-130 twin gun HiRes! above: Med!  Bottom Right: HiRes!

 below: NEWHiRes! The weapons   source

below: Surface classe warships:  Left: "Slava"-class "Moskva" Missile Cruiser  Right: "Kara"-class BPK

above: "Kiev"-class carrier/cruiser, on the flight deck Su-33

above: NEW! The food support boat, Mihalik Enikő famous Hungarian Victoria's Secret runway & photomodel in Vietnam.

above: NEW! BigRes! Krimskoe russische Weine und Rot red-Vodka-Wodka

above: NEW! HiRes! Russian Pin-Up Girl as a "Sevastopol Coastal Fortress navy-artillery commander".


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