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43.) PTTM - Periszkópos Tüzér Tájoló Műszer - Artillery Bussol (Survey Theodolite) Hungary: Gamma, MOM

PTTM - Periszkópos Tüzér Tájoló Műszer - Artillery Bussol (Survey Theodolite) Hungary: Gamma, MOM Works in Budapest. Hungarian Instrumental Industry History

Refreshed! to-104%-21.09.2016.-Regulated++++

PTTM - Periszkópos Tüzér Tájoló Műszer ("Gamma" Művek - Budapest)

above: HiRes! Hu: a PTTM a "Gamma"-Művek-Rt. - Budapest (XI. ker. Fehérvári-út) 42. sz. hadiüzem terméke az 1940-es évek végétől az 50-es évek feléig. Kevés példányszámban kb. 250 db. készült belőle csak a MN (Magyar Néphadsereg) részére mint tüzér bemérő eszköz. A 80-as évek elejéig volt rendszerben addig is fokozatosan vette át a szerepét a Szovjet gyártmányú PAB-2 hasonló műszer, jóval nagyobb példányszámban..

above: Juci'bacsi's photo: NEW! HiRes! Similar reticle is at PAB-2
above: NEW+! MedRes! reticle with outer base 2 m lathe rangefinder 50 - 400m and mils 0 -40 markers 00-05 vonás 1/60-00. At the Balatonalmádi-Vörösberény "Magtár" Cultur-Centre.
aboveNEW! Mils" formula OMK - Vonásképlet: MVK - "Megyek Vasárnap Kimenőre" mondóka: m/V x Km= x1000 or /1000 - O/M x Km

above Two: NEW! NoHigher! Photo: His own PTTM with periscope: trad.keep. res. arty St.Sgt. Valkóczi "Dunyhás/Baloo" Balázs tart. tü.őrm. hagyomőrző a MATASz (Magyar Tartalékosok Szövetsége)  - Hagyományőrző tagozat tüzérmestere - Associate of Hungarian Reservisten Organization (AHuRO) Traditional Keeper Section's arty master from Tapolca city. (cropped)

above: NEW! MedRes! Baloo's photo: His PTTM direct 30-00' mils - vonás (1/6000') to MH "Romváros" gyak. hely - Hu.DF "Wreck-City" ex. site over Tapolca close to lake Balaton.
aboveNEWMedRes! Hu. Retro advert: Tóth Adrienn supermodel with "Kiev" photo tripod

aboveNEW+NoHigher! The Periscope Accessorie - Adapter "Hightower" tallgirl

US Army Arty Surveyor WW two

Arty Bussol on Tripod

aboveNEWNoHigher! Präcision Kompass: Goerz Berlin B.R.4442 Fussartillerie

above: WW-Two Germany Rkr.31 sight for M.G.42 "Blitz" Machine Gun.
above: NEW! HiRes! Veterany No.6 MK-II arty director

Tüzér Bemérők

Arty Theodolite

aboveNoHigher!  below: Aiming circle M1 MedRes!

The aiming circle is basically a telescope mounted on a base which permits exact azimuth and elevation measurements. The main housing is placed in a true level condition by two types of levels: the circular level is used for coarse leveling & the tube levels are used for fine leveling. A tube level on the telescope permits the telescope to be adjusted to a true horizontal line of sight. A magnetic compass is located in an oblong box on the top of the main housing. The magnetic compass needle can be seen through a window or through the magnifier. Zero azimuth heading with respect to magnetic north or any other selected compass heading can be made by turning the orienting knobs or the azimuth knob. Elevation angle of the telescope is adjusted by turning the elevation knob . Azimuth and elevation angles up to 85 mils can be read from the horizontal and vertical centerline on the reticle while looking through the elbow telescope.

below: NEW! MedRes! Germany Rkr.31 Richtkreis for M.G.42 infantry portable machine gun. Hildebrand-Wichmann Werke Freiberg (SA) Berlin.   Upper: B&NEW+! MedRes!

 above: HiRes!   below: MedRes!

above: NEW! NoHigher! Bundeswehr Rkr.31-1964-Ausbildung am Richtkreis durch SU Strobel

above: NEW! Survey and Orienting method of Rkr.31 - Bemérési és tájolási módszer.
above: NEW+! NoHigher! Wermacht Observer Point in Normandy
above: NEW pic: MedRes! MKir. Honvédség in previous time of  WW-two, Surveyors with  Arty. Compass (similar to PTTM) at Hajmáskér - Shooting Range near the Arty Fort.   below: NEW!  NoHigher! Circle  de visée.

Artillery Survey

above Three: NEW!  Right: MedRes! On top the light Marker
above: NEW! The prsecision geodesy - survey compass Brunton   below: NEW! MedRes!

below: NEW! Maritime compass-bussolas on ship - Gyro & Repeater Azimuth compass.

above: Princip of basic naval direction

above: Method of direction measure of the actual position by compass.
above: The compass rose on maritime navigational chart

above: NEW! bottom: Left: MedRes! It is in Mahagoney case.  Right: HiRes! Submarine measurement instrument WW-two made by brass.   below: USN. Marine directional optical compass.

below: NEW! MedRes! Similar maritime vertical angle measure equpment; The Sextant

above: NEW! HiRes! Swiss Made Classic vintage 'Rolex' Antimagnetic watch for Artillery's surveyor & fire-director (in FAC position) with Tachymeter 60-1000 Km/h & Telemeter ('Télémétre' Km) for measure of blast of sound range by stopper and "Luminova" illumination.

above & below: NEW! Enzsöl Gyula ezds. "A tüzérség ma is él" 1974. Zrínyi Katonai Kiadó. Hu. MN PTTM
above: NEW! MedRes! Hungarian retro topmodel from 1970's Ms. Vadász Éva - Eva Hunter in Sheriff Jeans clothes "with new type rangefinder base spline - ~ az újfajta távmérőléccel"  source: facebook Mr. Kékesi Attila "A 70-es 80-as évek manökenjei.
above: Juci'bacsi's photo: new!! Hungarian old-timer 'Mini Theodolite' PTTM portrait: For Sale!
1950s Soviet shaped original Hungarian made "Gamma" 42nd Factory's in good condition PTTM artillery bussol with tripod -"Gamma" Periszkópos Tüzér Tájoló Műszer kiváló újszerű állapotban háromlábú állvánnyal. It's Serie was only 3250 pcs. value: 290 € (~390$) 99.000,-HUF Érdeklődni privátban lehetséges / Please ask for details in private; contact:

above: NoHigher! George Clooney had oriented the Arty compass -  G.C. tájolta be a PTTM-et

HiRes! Zsóka'mama-féle Tájolt Bogrács-Gulyás PTTM-el Artycsókáéknál
oriented Gulash with Arty Bussol PTTM
above: She was the two-legs tripod geodesy photographer to gulash.
Hungarian Know-How - Universal spherical wrist gimbal for photo:  Uniqball:

 'Uniqball' - gimbal for foto tripod; aboveHiRes!   belowLeftMedRes!  RightHiRes!


Product film for the innovative ballhead, the "Uniqball". Apart from using it as a regular heavy duty ballhead, this revolutionary product gives photographers and videographers the ability set the leveling in an intuitive way and always keep their shots levelled. This short film illustrates the key features for the product in a snug and fast phased cgi animation intended for quick presentations for a wide audience.

Rendering and production by The Greypixel Workshop
Music and sound design: Kalotás Csabi
Designers: Novák László, Kármán Balázs
The UBH 35 Ball Head from Uniqball is a combination leveling base, pan/tilt head, and ball head. It has a unique design that incorporates an outer ball with a bubble to level the clamp, and an inner ball for panning and tilting. Once the outer ball has been leveled and locked, the inner ball will only move on the Y-axis, maintaining level pans. The head can also be used as a conventional ball head with a full range of movement by locking the inner ball and only using the outer ball.

The UBH 35 stands 3.7" high, and can hold up to 33 lb (15 kg). It has an Arca-type compatible clamp that works with the included quick-release plate, as well as most other Arca-type plates. The head's clamp is oriented on the Y-axis so that you can slide the plate front-to-back to balance your camera when using a long lens. An X-Adapter is included to allow you to mount your camera with an attached plate aligned on the X-axis. The head comes with a carrying case to protect the UBH 35 when it is not in use.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Courtesy Sextant: Juci'bacsi collection: "and Uncle of PTTM" made in Hungary MOM Te-C1 minute geodesy theodolite from mid of 1960's - és a PTTM nagybácsija a Te-C1
below: NoHigher! "Theodora" with vintage Hu. Süss Theodolite from 1905.
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