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83.) Grumman F-14D "Tomcat" ("Kandúr") cat - macska - weapons missile naval-NAVY Fighter- race with Porsche-911 Carrera cabrio - USN-CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Top-Gun movie - film with Tom Cruise celeb actor

Grumman F-14D "Tomcat" ("Kandúr") cat - macska - weapons missile naval-NAVY Fighter- race with Porsche-911 Carrera cabrio. on USN-CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Top-Gun movie - film with Tom Cruise celeb actor

Refreshed! to-105%-14.08.2017.-Regulated+++++

above: Out of Service F-14D "Tomcat's with ideal photomodel pair Porsche-911 "Carrera" cabrio

above: NEW! NoHigher! Over Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War - 1991.

above: NEW! NoHigher! The ultra-modernised Mariner Enemy of F-14: Big-White Shark (BWS)

Take Off and Museum CV-16
Lexington at Texas
Corpus-Christi at USA
below Houston
 above: NoHigher! Persian FR-14A   below: MedRes! Iranian AF by Kakuk Balázs HT 2011./3

above: NEW! NoHigher! F-14B cockpit
F-14's HUD (Head Up Display 
(FFK - Fejed Fent Kijelző)

above: WSO's (Weapon System Officcer's) dashboard at rear seat

above Two: HiRes!
above: Juci'bacsi's scanned repro photopaper collection. New pic! Fwd cabin dashboard.
above: NEW! NoHigher! F-14A forward cabin
above: new! F-14D forward digital cockpit.    

above: NEW! NoHigher! F-14 "Tomcat" First job as a newly minted engineer was manufacturing radar systems for this plane

above: New pic! F-14D for profession modeller  -   Right: new!! HiRes!

above: NEW! Left: Small! Phoenix flying restore  -  Right: MedRes!
above: NEW! NoHigher! The 3D artwork "Fear The Bones"
aboveNEW Pics! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's repro dia-slides collection copy 1978-80
New Pics! above: An HuAF MH. 59th LHKE MiG-29B escorting to exercise at Kecskemét AFB
below: Intercept action with two Soviet VVSz  Electronic Recce Tupolev Tu-16

above: New! MedRes! AN/APX-9 electro-optics device
above & below two: HiRes!
above: NEW! MedRes! F-14A Italeri Decal
above: MedRes! US Marines soldier hanging on Alpin rope over the CVN' Tomcats out of SH-60 SeaHawk
above: HiRes! The Alpin ropes' target on board: Howdy there and welcome to Pin-up Friday. It has been a long time since I’ve posted one of these, and today I am so pleased to share some pictures from last week’s shoot aboard the USS Midway with the lovely Miss Chelsea Rea.  by:
below two: CVN front cross-section and cutaway  HiRes!
NEW! Link: Royal Maces Strike Fighter Squadron 27 (VFA-27) F/A-18E "Super Hornet" USS CVN "George Washington"  //
NEW! NoHigher! above: stern storage  facebook    below: Diched F-14 pull up from sea

above: NoHigher! Lateral cross section of CVN

above: HiRes! Cutaway US NAVY USS CVN-75 Harry S. Truman

above: Left: new! MedRes! F-14D on USS CVN-74 "John C. Stennis" board catapult  below: Left: CVN-75 Harry S. Truman c CVN-76 Ronald Reagan.
above: NEW! NoHigher! The ordnance mechanikeress - fegyvermechanikus

above: MedRes! Details drawings about undercarriage
above: NEW! NoHigher! F-14D M61 six barrels 20 mm "Gatling" system machine gun
 NEW! Three MedRes! Hu.text: Haditechnikai Szemle; Beőthy Mihály mk. szds.  med 1970s

Movie: "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise

above - left: Boros- Szikszai Hungarian famous Artists fantasy painting about Top-Gun in your book

Top Gun movie mix: Tom Cruise 'Maverick' starring, Kelly McGills -Charlie-, Val Kilmer 'Iceman', Tom Skerrit "'Viper', ...and portrait cartoon

NEW! NoHigher! above: starring Tom Cruise as "Maverick"   below: USN Pilot badge

above: new! NoHigher! Female "Top-Gun" tutor in 'Alpha-Industry' leather pilot jacket and safety skirt and 'Ray-Ban' (Bausch & Lomb) sunglass.

above: New pic! Nohigher! In the second edition movie's new squadron leader cast/character; Candice Swanepoel the word famous best sexy photo & fashion model from 'Victoria Secret's' fashion design firma.

above: NEW+! NoHigher! F-14 is waitings for departure
Above: new!  Below: Two large Cutaway Drawings

below; F-14 Tomcat Cutaway Drawing

 NEWHiResabove: F-14D   below: Sweeping Wing positions - Állítható Szárnynyilazás

above: NEW! NoHigher! The USA Aircraft Ordnance
Weapons pod variants
NEW! AIM-54 "Phoenix" above: NoHigher!   below Two: NoHigher!  Upper: Italiano text
above: NEW! NoHigher! The Phoenix manageress

above & below: NEW! Blueprint Porsche-911 'Turbo' MedRes!

above: NEW! MedRes! Porsche design "Wordtimer" watch Swiss made

above: NEW! MedRes! The precedessor the F-14 the Lincoln "Futura" concept
above: NEW! NoHigher! "Tomcatess"     below: NEW++! MedRes! Tomcatnhica: Sexy Sheer Erotic-Lingerie Teddies Bodysuit
above: New! HiResMed! graphic artwork
above: New! NoHigher! F-14's "Bandit" color scheme
above: NEW! NoHigher! Famous black U.S. Navy-Playboy Bunny-Grumman F-14 Tomcat, Vandy-1 of the VX-09-Vampires-squadron, one of the Navy's Naval Air Systems Command Test and Evaluation Squadrons.
above: NEW+! NoHigher! F-14 Limo

above: new!! MedRes! Alice Eve Hollywood actress star 'black pussy cat by artgerm

Black Tomcat's patroulling in snow - Fekete Kandúr hójárőrben
True  saver Tomcat (video)

HiRes! Our Tomcat at home: "Clókája-Molókája
Code spy name: F-14
Megszólítás /
Order: 'Come in Tomcat!'

Girlcats - Kanduhölgyek
above: New! She is a new young WSO (Weapon System Operator)
above: NEW++! NoHigher!  'Mattel' "Barbie" pilot-doll with at backround F-14 model
above: NoHigher!

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