Saturday, March 5, 2016

177.) Hangar-Seven 'Red Bull' Mateshich Salzburg International Airport

 "Hangar-Seven" at 'Red Bull' Mateshich firma on Österreiche, Salzburg International Airport

Juci'bacsi's OLYMPUS "Camedia" photos 2005. HiRes! Also Courtesy FREE! 01.10.2017.+++

'Red Bull' Hangar-7

North American B-25J "Mitchell" medium bomber 'Red Bull' star, and: marcel dassault 'Falcon-900', Cessna 'Citation'

Hangar-Seven 'Red Bull' Mateshich Salzburg International Airport

above: From repair hangar: Cessna 'Citation' and Mountain chain Alps

 US NAVY Vought F4U "Corsair" & Douglas DC-7 former Yugoslavian president Josiph Bros Tito's VIP airplane

Rover 'Landrover' jeep

above: NEW!  DC-6 door
DC-7 & 'Alpha Jet'
above: NEW+! NoHigher! The Navy Fighter Vought F4U "Corsair" with Pin-Up pilot

F4U wing mechanism

Airshow Budapest 2014 Highlights

above: NEW! HiRes! Photo: CANON EOS-7D: Leslie Angyal László former AVIATOR Chief Editor - Foto Artist: RedBull July of 2015. from Budaer side; North American B-25J "Mitchell"

Guinness record attempt with almost crash at "A Nagy Futam 2016", Budapest

Kis híján rossz vége lett a rekordkísérletnek:

Photos HiRes!: Leslie Angyal László AVIATOR: RedBull Air Race Budapest Sunday 17. 07. 2016. from Hotel 'MARRIOT'

 above: In front of Buda-castle's Bazar-row
 above: Over Elizabeth-bridge before Gellért-hill
 above: Before Gellért-hill
above: "BREITLING"  Douglas DC-3 "Dakota" over Danub-river before gellért-hill 'Citadella' forest

'Red Bull' "Hangar Seven" main building in Austrian / Österreiche Salzburg International Airport

 NEW! HiRes! The 'Aviator' Magazine's team with Juci'bacsi's Volvo-740GL "Bigwhite terrible" "Nagyfehér rettenetes"  above: chief editor: Leslie Angel Laci   below: deputy: Juci'bacsi
below: NEW! HiRes! photo CANON EOS: Leslie Angyal László Chief Editor of disbanded AVIATOR Intarnational Independente Magazin - Budapest.

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