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167.) ЛуАЗ-967 - LuAZ-967M "Water-Zaporozsec" Ukraine Lutskiy Soviet amphybian jeep - MedEVAC transport KSG - ГАЗ-46, Ford-GP, VolksWagen 'Schwimmwagen' - Kétéltűek

ЛуАЗ-967 - LuAZ-967M "Water-Zaporozsec" Ukraine Lutskiy Soviet amphybian jeep - MedEVAC transport KSG - ГАЗ-46, Ford-GP, VolksWagen 'Schwimmwagen' - Kétéltűek (Wikipedia)

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The LuAZ-967 (Ukrainian: ЛуАЗ-967) was the Transporter of the Front Line, a small Soviet four-wheel driveamphibious vehicle. Light enough to be air transportable, it had a 400 kg (880 lb) payload over most terrain. source: en.wikipedia.org/LuAZ-967

Der LuAZ-967M (russisch ЛуАЗ-967М) war ein Amphibienfahrzeug des Herstellers LuAZ, das in den Armeen desWarschauer Pakts als „Geschädigtentransportfahrzeug“ diente.
above: MedRes! Hu. text: LuAZ-967 Kétéltű Harctéri Sebesült Kihordó Gépjármű (KHSKG)
Type4x4 amphibious cargo
Place of originUSSR
Service history
Used byUSSR
Production history
ManufacturerLutskiy Auto Zavod
Weight950 kg (2,090 lb)
Length3,682 mm (145 in)
Width1,712 mm (67 in)
Height4,520 mm (178 in)

887 cc (54 cu in) gasoline V4
37 hp (28 kW)
Speed75 km/h (47 mph) (road)
3 km/h (1.9 mph) (water)
It was produced between 1961-1975 at Lutsk automobile plant - LuAZ. It was succeeded by the LuAZ-969В, LuAZ-969, LuAZ-969М and the LuAZ-1302.
Ra. text: Транспортёр переднего края (ТПК), гражданское обозначение ЛуАЗ-967 — полноприводный плавающий автомобиль-транспортёр особо малой грузоподъемности.
Был создан по заказу ВДВ для эвакуации раненых, подвоза боеприпасов и военно-технического имущества, буксировки, а также установки отдельных видов вооружения.
Серийно производился с 1975 по 1989 год на Луцком автомобильном заводе.
На базе ТПК были созданы гражданские автомобили повышенной проходимости ЛуАЗ-969, ЛуАЗ-969М,ЛуАЗ-1302 и их модификации.
Транспортёр, отличающийся очень малыми габаритами, имеет водонепроницаемый корпус, в передней части которого расположен двигатель МеМЗ-967. Характерной особенностью автомобиля является откидная рулевая колонка, смонтированная, как и сиденье водителя, по центру машины. Такая конструкция рулевой колонки позволяет водителю при необходимости управлять автомобилем в полулежачем положении.   source: ru.wikipedia.org/967

Ua. text: Транспортер переднього краю «ТПК», цивільне маркування ЛуАЗ-967 — повнопривідний автомобіль-амфібія, особливо малої вантажопідйомності. Військова модифікакція призначена для транспортування поранених з поля бою, доставки боєприпасів та технічного інвентаря.
Общие данные:
от 887 см³
Длина:3682 мм
Ширина:1712 мм
Высота:1580 мм
Масса:1350 кг
Макс. скорость:75 км/ч
На рынке
Похожие модели:ГАЗ-46
above: NoHigher! Hungarian wedding ceremony style with LuAZ-967 - Magyar esküvői ceremónia stílus a katonai Zaporozseccel ("Záporjóskával").  source: Ürmös István  www.globalvision.hu

The design originated after the Korean War, when the Soviets saw a need for small off-road vehicles comparable to the American Jeep, to supplement the overly-large and -heavy GAZ-69s then in service. It was to serve for casualty evacuation, munition supply and the carriage of light armaments, to be used by Russian Airborne Troops (VDV).

Developed at NAMI (the National Automobile Institute), the prototype, known as NAMI 049, was completed in 1958.Unlike the Jeep, it had a Fibreglass body, four-wheel torsion bar independent suspension, and permanent four-wheel drive with locking hubs. It had a wheelbase of 1,800 mm (71 in), a ground clearance of 280 mm (11 in), and was powered by a 22 hp (16 kW; 22 PS) MD-65 motorcycle engine (copied from an Orbita motorcycle). Trials proved it underpowered, and the body too fragile. 
A second prototype, the NAMI 049A, had a 746 cc (45.5 cu in) V4 MeMZ 965 engine (selected for use in the ZAZ-965), steel body, and rear wheel drive (with optional drive to the front wheels). The torsion bars were replaced with a coil spring setup. It weighed 1,350 kg (2,980 lb), with a 37 hp (28 kW; 38 PS) MeMZ 967A engine, and was able to pull a 300 kg (660 lb) trailer; it could cross a 58° gradient, and top speed was 47 mph (76 km/h). 
It was produced between 1961-1975 at Lutsk automobile plant - LuAZ. It was succeeded by the LuAZ-969В, LuAZ-969, LuAZ-969М and the LuAZ-1302.
above: HiRes! 18+ Possibility driving position as belly laying - playboy - HasonFekvő testhelyzetben is vezethető. 
above: NEW+! for MEDEVAC Service: 3D figure     below: ten  MedRes! original soviet photos

above: HiRes! Sitting position of driver - Így ül a sofőr

above: Left: MedRes!  Right: MedRes! during the water mode
above: NEW! MedRes! Mashenka behind the Russian cyrillic writed coloumns - M. az oszlopok mögött   via: www.FemJoy.com
above: NEW! MedRes! It was the ideal experimental sorround: St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Neva-river opposit the Soviet/Russian Military CAOK Field-Artillery "Mihalovskaya" (former "Kalinin") College & University.
above: NEWMedRes! Coloums at oppsit bank: Fisherman - Horgászember  via: mellbimbo.eu

above: NoHigher! Victoria's Secret's model Marisha Miller in bikini  as an driver is only crowling approaching to the vehicle, under enemy fire on golf-grass of battlefield. - Csak kúszva lehet megközelítenie járművet a sofőrnek ellenséges tűz alatt a harcmező golfpálya füvén.

above ten  MedRes! original soviet photos
above: sextant scan from 1970's "Delta" scientifics magazine : MedRes! possibility the sun-top filter. - Napfénytető kivágása a vászonba lehetséges.
above: NoHigher! Needn't umbrella for persons because it has got covering canvas

The LuAZ 967M had a MeMZ-967A 887 cc (54 cu in) gasoline engine from the ZAZ automobile. An air-cooled, carbureted ohv V4, it developed 37 hp (28 kW) at 2250 rpm.
A 4 speed transmission with 2 ranges gave 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Unlike many small military vehicles, it was a front wheel drive 4x2, the rear axle was selectively engaged only when 4x4 was needed.
The watertight steel body had 4-wheel independent suspension with coil springs and 285 mm (11 in) of ground clearance. The driving controls were on the truck’s centerline, both the controls and the windshield could be folded down for a lower profile.

above: MedRes! Left: HDF-Hungarian Defense Forces - MH-Magyar Honvédség H-3113

above: Left: HiRes!  Right: MedRes! It can be transport Two persons laying injured-casuilties by sunstroke. - A gép 2 fő napszúrásban szenvedő fekvő sérültet/beteget tud szállítani.
above: MedRes!
above: NoHigher! The crossing water action would have narrow wth dry foot almost with LuAZ. - A víziátkelés majdnem száraz lábbal megúszható a Luazzal.

above: NEW+! HiRes! The basic of design Know-How's brain storm: Japanese word famous Graphic Artist: Hayime Sorayama   http://www.sorayama.net/

Hajime Sorayama (空山 基 Sorayama Hajime?, born February 22, 1947) is a Tokyo-based[ Japanese painter, best known for his precisely detailed, erotic, hand-painted and airbrushed portrayals of women and of feminine,biomechanoid robots, and his design work on the original Sony AIBO robotic "pet". He describes his highly detailed style as "superrealism", which he says "deals with the technical issue of how close one can get to one's object.
空山 基(そらやま はじめ、1947年(昭和22年)2月22日 - )は、日本のイラストレーター。愛媛県今治市出身。

above: LuAZ 6 x 6    below: NoHigher! ZAZ-967 "Geolog"
above: NoHigher! Hajime Sorayama japanesese graphic artist  "Gynoid with Chrome car": Almost similar flat than this and able to driving lying. -  Majdnem ilyen lapos mint ez és fekve is vezethető.  source: Pinterest - Valiant

above: NoHigher! LuAZ during in swiming operation

above: NEW! MedRes! ideal water surface for flat construction LuAZ: Backwater of #Győr-Moson Danube - a  győri Mosoni-Duna holtág  photo by: '#Canon'#EOS-7D avn.ret W.O. Mr. Kovács "Kokó" István nyá.rep.zls. former HuAF Mi-8/17 Board Technic  source: facebook.com

above: MedRes! The LuAZ is ideal during flooded Danube river at Budapest and Ercsi

above: NoHigher! The big flood of Danube at Budapet - Hu. text: Budapesti Wesselényi-féle 1838-as Dunai nagy árvíz térképe   below: NEW! HiRes! Rotate to horizont due max. size 1600px!  Danube flood area on Budapest

aboveNEWNoHigher! Hu. Retro: Topmodel Mrs. Cséry Lajosné Miss. Zám Edit between 'Margit' & 'Árpád' bridge - hidak között a Margit-szigettel szemben a Pesti oldalon XIII. ker. 'Angyalföld' a Duna alacsony vízállásánál - opposit the 'Margit'- 'Margaret'-island on Pest-side on XIIIrd district 'Angel-land' with low water-level in 1970's  source: facebook/Manökenek a 60-as-70-es-80-as évekből csop./Szedres Mariann former topmodel/MTVA Fotótár

above: MedRes! Beside on driver two side can be hold one Doctor and  muscular towing from water  assistant nurse. - A sofőr és a két hordágy mellett még egy Left: orvos és Right: egy izmos vízből kitoló segédápoló is elfér.   Right: Katie Cleary: is an actress and model.  She is the creator of award winning documentary Give Me Shelter. Birthday: 21st September 1981. Born: Chicago, USA Famous for: Actress, Model  ...  http://www.girlzwiki.com/katie-cleary/
above: MedRes!    below: 3 view graphics; Left: NoHigher!  Right: MedRes!

above: MedRes! Three view drawing - чертежи 3 nézeti rajz     below: NoHigher! рисунки
Технические характеристики:
- колёсная формула: 4×4
- вместимость: 4 места (водитель, санитар, два лежачих больных на носилках, по бортам)
- снаряженная масса: 950 кг
- полная масса: 1350 кг
- габариты: 3682x1712x1580 мм
- дорожный просвет: 285 мм
- скорость на шоссе: 75 км/ч
- скорость на плаву: 3 км/ч
- двигатель карбюраторный, воздушного охлаждения
- рабочий объем от 1200 см ³
- мощность двигателя от 30 л.с.

above: MedRes! ЛуАЗ-967 Компоновкa - Cutaway graphic
above: NEW! NoHigher! Mechanical Mule - Szamár/Öszvér - Tractor for airmobile troops
above: NoHigher! The changeable strechers are good placing on deck of vehicle - A csereszabatos hordágyak könnyen elhelyezhetőek a jármű fedélzetén.
Maps of Ukraine: above: MedRes!   Lutskiy at North-West region.   below: HiResУкрайна
above: NoHigher! with Water cooler engine - Vízhűtéses motorral

above: Left: NoHigher!  Right: MedRes!
above: NoHigher! The car mechanikers likes because good accessible - a Gépjárműszerelők szeretik a jó hozzáférheetőség miatt. But She opened up one of the defectiveness... - Egy hiányosságot viszont feltárt...

above: HiRes!...Namely absent from bronze packing ring of cardan shaft of transmission it is possible at Candice Swanepoel from Victoria's secret. - ... Mégpedig hiányzik egy alkatrész az erőátvitelből,  a kardántengely víztömítő bronzgyűrűje, ami tán Kandikánál a Viktória titkánál lehet.

Candice Susan Swanepoel (/ˈswɒnəpuːl/ swon-ə-pool; Afrikaans: [svɐnɛˈpul] born 20 October 1988) is a South African supermodel, best known for her work with Victoria's Secret. In 2012, she came in 10th on the Forbes top-earning models list.
Personal life: Swanepoel was born to Willem and Eileen Swanepoel and raised in Mooi River, South Africa, to an Afrikaner family of Dutch descent. She has one brother named Stephen. At age 15, she was spotted by a model scout in a Durbanflea market.
She is fluent in Afrikaans, English and Portuguese, the last of which she learned from her boyfriend, Hermann Nicoli, a Brazilian male model. She has been dating him ever since they met in Paris when she was 17. In August 2015, the couple announced their engagement. In March 2016, it was reported that she is pregnant with the couple's first child, a son.
She is close friends with fellow models Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  ...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_Swanepoel

 above: MedRes!

above: MedRes! Rosie Huntington Whiteley photo by Simon Emmett for Esquire-UK.  The dismounted seats is suitable for other functions. - A kivett ülések jól hasznosíthatók másra is.

above: NEW+++! HiRes!  Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearings the parts of motor; Piston rings and  simmerings. - Ő hordja a motor alkatrészeket.

Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley (born 18 April 1987) is an English model and actress. She is best known for her work for lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret and for being one of their brand "Angels", and has also worked forBurberry being the face for their 2011 brand fragrance "Burberry Body", and for M&S.
Moving into acting, she became known for her supporting roles as Carly Spencer in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third installment in the Transformers film series, and as The Splendid Angharad in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). ...  wikipedia.org/Rosie_Huntington-Whiteley  
 above & below: NoHigher!

above: Left: MedRes! The Russian tutor before teach - Az Orosz oktató Tamara és Right: NoHigh! Rear propulsioner Commander of driver school after exercise -  a farmeghajtású vezető-iskola parancsoka gyakorlás előtt és után.
above: NEW! NoHigher! The LuAZ is ideal  CPV - Castle Patrol Vehicle - Várjárőr Jármű
above: NEW! MedRes! Hu. "Monostori"-erőd - fortress at Komárom beside Danube  source: PPT
above: NEW! HiRes! Hu. Esztergomi Bazilika - Chatedral from Danube  photo by: Voxov  source: facebook
- ЛуАЗ-967А  от базовой модели отличался рядом усовершенствований и новым двигателем - - МеМЗ-967А большей мощности.
- ЛуАЗ-967М  усовершенствованный вариант модификации ЛуАЗ-967А с тем же двигателем и его модификациями, отличался от предыдущей модели электрооборудованием, унифицированным с автомобилями УАЗ, гидравликой, унифицированной с автомобилями Москвич. Годы выпуска: 1975 — 1988. После создания производственного объединения «АвтоЗАЗ», в состав которого некоторое время входил Луцкий автозавод, гражданский вариант выпускался также под маркой ЗАЗ-967М.

above: NoHigher! 6 x 6   below: Theese vehicle "Geolog" are with the 6x6 wheels alike good going on water surface - ezek 6 kerékkel ilyen simán mennek a vizen.

- LuAZ-967A - modernized high-powered engine MeMZ-967А
- LuAZ-967M - modernized ЛуАЗ-967А with the same engine.
- Geolog - a special 6-wheel version was built
above: NEW! MedRes! soviet LuAZ-969M jeep on Kunszállás 04.june.2016. Military festival

above: NEW! NoHigher! Eliette ancestor: Zaporoshec ZAZ-965 - Zaporozsec "Záporjóska"-Tajgamerci"

above: NEW! Joke: Hu. texted: "If you have a car, will be yours Girl"
Hu. text: A Zaporozsec (oroszul: Запорожец, ukránul: Запорожець) az ukrajnai Zaporizzsjai Autógyár (ZAZ) személygépkocsi-márkája. A különféle kialakítású Zaporozsec gépkocsikat a ZAZ 1958-tól 1994-ig gyártotta. A Zaporozsec név a Zaporizzsjai Szicshez tartozó kozák harcos nevéből ered. A Belgiumba exportált változatánakJalta, az Ausztriába szállított változatnak Eliette volt a neve.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Soviet (USSR) civilian amphibious car 1966.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Soviet export UAZ-965 jeep during fording  - gázlómélységen
above: NEW! MedRes! Oh my god!  source: www.mellbimbo.eu
above: NEW! MedRes! Russian "Böszmeteg" "Sherpa" amphybious vezdekhod in Sybir tayga.
above: NoHigher! Nowadays an other heavier ambhybian than LuAZ the 1V13 "Masina" girtek.pl

above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's 'Practica'-L repro slide copy: MedRes! From GDR-NVA's 'Armee Rundschau' Military magazine early 1980's Hu.MoD Library of Military Science - HM-HIM Hadtudományi Könyvtárból Dr. Nádor F. ezds. ktvez. - Budapest I. ker. Kapisztrán tér 2-4.

above: MedRes! PostWar: GAZ-46 amphybian jeep in St. Petersburg in 'Kronverk' museum - Кронверк, from the German word for Crownwork - ГАЗ-46 плавающий АВТОМОБИЛ Санкт-Петербург (Russian: Военно-исторический музей артиллерии, инженерных войск и войск связи) - Petrográd (Петроград, 1914–1924), illetve Leningrád (Ленинград, 1924–1991) http://www.artillery-museum.ru/

ГАЗ-46 плавающий автомобиль, выпускался Горьковским автозаводом с 1953 года. Армейское обозначение машины  «МАВ» (малый автомобиль водоплавающий). Автомобиль «МАВ» предназначен для обеспечения действий разведывательных подразделений, а также для проведения инженерных работ на воде. source: ru.wikipedia.org/-46
Технические характеристики:
вес автомобиля, кг: 1270
грузоподъемность на суше, т: 0,5
грузоподъемность на воде, т: 0,5
вместимость, чел: 5
ширина, мм: 1750
длина, мм: 5070
высота по рулевому колесу, мм: 1500
высота по тенту, мм: 2000
колея, мм: 1450
база, мм: 2300
максимальная скорость, км/ч: 90
средняя скорость по шоссе, км/ч: 48
максимальная скорость движения на плаву, км/ч: 10
запас хода по горючему на суше, км: 300—500
запас хода по горючему на воде, час: 5
Техническое описание:
ГАЗ-46 был построен на узлах и агрегатах серийного ГАЗ-69, имеет специальный водонепроницаемый металлический корпус для придания плавучести и гребной винт для движения на плаву.
Основные части автомобиля: корпус, силовая установка, силовая передача, ходовая часть, механизмы управления, водяной движитель и руль, электрооборудование и специальное оборудование.

above: Olivia De Havilland licence inspector & advisor - Licence ellenőr és tanácsadó

above: NEW+! NoHigher! The Water-Cabrio, Amphicar proto 1960.

aboveGorkovsky Avto Zavod GAZ-46 American Ford GPA licence Left - Right: NoHigher!

The GAZ-46, army designation MAV (Russian, малый автомобиль водоплавающий, small floating car), is a Russian-made light four-wheel drive amphibious military vehicle that entered service in the 1950s and has been used by many Eastern Bloc allied forces since. During the Second World War Canada, Britain and the US forwarded large quantities of military materials to Russia. Among those were jeeps, trucks, and amphibious vehicles like the 6x6 DUKW and the 4x4 Ford GPA. The latter were used to help men and equipment get across the many rivers of Eastern Europe and combat the Germans. Seeing merits of such vehicles, after the war, Russia decided to develop two similar vehicles, using domestic automotive parts, the BAV, an equivalent of the DUKW, and the MAV, an equivalent of the Ford GPA. 

above: Left: NoHigher! In Soviet red Army  Right: MedRes! in Hu. People Army MN 1960's KÉJ - Kétéltű Jármű or UGK-Úszó Gépkocsi

above: NoHigher! Selection of among drivers getting advance the old-timer veterany GAZ M-21 ""Volga" car's drivers - A gépjárművezetők kiválasztásánál előnyt élveztek a "Volga" sofőrök. Russian Pin-Up Girl   photo by: Dmitriy Galaikoe

Общие данные
Годы пр-ва:19531958
Двигатели4-цилиндровый, рабочий объём — 2111 см³, мощность — 55 л.с. при 2800 об/мин
Длина:4930 мм
Ширина:1900 мм
Высота:1770 мм
Масса:1270 кг
Макс.скорость:90 км/ч (на плаву — 9 км/ч)
Грузоподъёмность:0,5 тонн

above: MedRes!

 above & below: NoHigher!  Судно на подводных крыльях - Hydrofoil, Jetfoil -Tragflügelschiff - Szárnyashajó system

above: MedRes! Hallywood star actress Cameron Diaz tested an it was as like good swimming on the water  - Dijáz Kamilla a Hallivúdi sztár színésznő kipróbálta és ilyen jól megy a vizen.

above: MedRes! retro Water-skying - Vizisíelés

above: NEW! NoHigher! LuAZ ideal for #007 Agent - #James-Bond: Sire #Sean_Connery "JB" - "You Only Live Twice" - "Csak Kétszer Élsz"   below: NEW+! NoHigher! Experimental portal Ru.

above: Sextant's-scan from Soviet Export magazine 1985: HiRes! "Kolhida" Hydrofoil passenger ship - utasszállító szárnyashajó    below: MedRes! similar to wing of hydrofoil the wavesurf plate with surfergirl.

Hydrofol boats - Szárnyashajók 'Meteor' a MAHART-nál -  (СПК) Судно на подводных крыльях - https://szextant.blogspot.com/2017/08/202-hydrofoil-boats-hu-szarnyashajok.html

above: Left: MedRes!  Right: MedRes!   below: Left: MedRes!  Right: NoHigher!
Italiano text: GAZ-46 MAV era un'imitazione della jeep anfibia Ford GPA, prodotta dalla Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod dal1953 al 1958. Quando era usata per il trasporto di truppe, 3 soldati sedevano sul divanetto posteriore, mentre il guidatore ed il comandante avevano posti separati davanti. Un parabrezza abbattibile provvedeva alla protezione dagli spruzzi d'acqua durante le operazioni anfibie. Nessuna arma era montata sul veicolo. Nonostante venisse usata quasi esclusivamente come veicolo da ricognizione, poteva portare un carico di 500Kg. Le GAZ-46 MAV,venivano ricavate ricondizionando i telai dei fuoristrada GAZ-67B e, in seguito, delle GAZ-69. Un singolo propulsore tripala era montato sotto la parte posteriore del veicolo e garantiva una velocità massima in acqua di 9 Km/h.

above: HiRes! The Ford GPA instructor from USMC (US Marine Corps - marines) Catherine Bell is an American actress and ... roles as "Jarhead" kLieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie of the television series JAG - TV filmsorozatból

above: NoHigher! After water crossing the driver had to need salute and report about success factor - A víziátkelés után tisztelegin és jelentenie kellett a siker tényezőkről.
above Top Two: NoHigher& bottom: MedRes!

above: HiRes! Sextant's scan from 'Bacardi' rum advert 1980: HiRes! Similar color & water capability.

below: Ford GPA World War-Two

above: MedRes! Tradekeepers' US ARMY-MARINES Ford GPA (General Purpose Amphybia) ...below: Left: MedRes! - They are waiting for carwash girl. - Arra várnak, hogy lemossák a csajok az autójukat

above: Left: NoHigher!  Right: MedRes!

The Ford GPA 'Seep' (from Seagoing Jeep), was an amphibious version of the WWII Ford GPWJeep. Unlike the jeep, the seep was not a successful design being too slow and heavy on land and lacking sufficient seagoing abilities in open water. Similar design features were used in the larger and more successful DUKW amphibious truck. sourceen.wikipedia.org/Ford_GPA
History and development:
After having commissioned Willys, Ford and Bantam to build the first 4,500 jeeps (1500 each) in March 1941, the US Motor Transport Board set up a project under the direction of the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) to be designated "QMC-4 1/4 Ton Truck Light Amphibian".
As the war in Europe progressed bridges were frequently destroyed in front of the advancing Allies and the requirement for an amphibious version of the jeep arose. Roderick Stephens Jr. of Sparkman & Stephens Inc. yacht designers was asked to design a shape for a 2700 lb (1,200 kg) amphibious jeep, in the same vein as his design for the DUKW six-wheel-drive amphibious truck. Not surprisingly Stephens' hull design looked like a miniature version of that of the DUKW, and just like it, the 'Seep' was going to have a screw propellor, driven by a power take-off, operating in a dedicated tunnel faired into the rear end bodywork, as well as a proper rudder.
The Russians were sufficiently pleased with the GPA's ability to cross rivers and inland waters to keep developing it after the war. Starting out with the chassis of theGAZ-67B, prototypes were created that largely copied the Seep's layout and design, eventually leading to the GAZ 46 MAV, based on the chassis and mechanicals of the GAZ 69 4×4 jeep, to go into production as of 1952. Both the GAZ 69 and the amphibious GAZ 46 were exported to many communist countries.
By 1944 GPAs were being sold as surplus and were purchased by farmers, ranchers, adventurers and others. By the 1970s collectors had discovered them and started restoring them back to their original specifications. They appear at various military vehicle shows and the Normandy "D-Day" anniversaries in June.
above: Left: MedRes!  Right: MedRes! in the bridge; very sophysticated cabin and big steering wheel

above Right: 18+ Cybill Shepherd unfortunately missed to Ford-GPA - Nem tudta utólérni így lemaradt róla.

Production12,778 (1942–1943)
AssemblyUnited States
Body and chassis
ClassAmphibious military utility vehicle
Layoutfront-engine RWD / 4×4
PlatformFord GP
RelatedGAZ 46 (MAV)
Engine4-cyl. side valves,
134 cu.in (2,199 cc), 60 hp
Transmission3-speed + 2-speed transfer case;
low range engages FWD;
PTO propellor drive
Wheelbase84 inch / 213 cm
Length182 inch / 462 cm
Width64 inch / 163 cm
Height69 inch / 175 cm;
45 inch reducible
Curb weight1,110 kg;
(GWV 1,610 kg)

above: also the crew was two members; Lifeguard (HiRes!) Right: 18+ and below: NoHigher! Driver and commander Candice Swanepoel 

above: Left: MedRes!  Right: NoHigher! The US NAVY and Marines's representatíve take up the hat/cap in front of it due GPA's excellent swimming skill. - A tengerészet és a tengerészgyalogság képviselői kalapot emelnek a GPA kiváló úszóképessége előtt.

above: HiRes! Czech four view line-drawing for modellers - Obojzivelni jeep

Juci'bacsi's collect from legacy of eng. Mr. Miller József  I.M. 2017.   aboveNEWNoHigher!  below Three! HiRes! japanese TAMIYA Ford GPA model-kit

 above & below: NoHigher! FORD GPA side view / profile graphics artworks

above: NoHigher! Cutaway graphic artwork Ford GPA 1942.
 above: MedRes! Cutaway graphics  
It will  pay to wash it. - ezt már érdemes lesz lemosni de a lentebbi menet után igen.
above: NoHigh! Maquette Scale 1:?? (35) - By the way Yes! ASAP have to wash to clean! - Azonnal le kell mosni tisztára!
below: and USAF Work Overseer on 'Studebaker' 1,5 ton lorry
 NEW! above: NoHigher!  below: MedRes!American WW-Two veteran DUKW troop carrieer amphibious lorry in civilian using.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DUKW

above: NEW! NoHigher! DUKW amhybian troop carrier vehicle - kétéltű csapatszállító: cutaway

above: NEW! MedRes! DUKW-353
 above: NEW+! MedRes! DUKW model diorama with onboard M1 105 mm howitzer on Hu. Mosonmagyaróvár Makquette exchibition & Competition.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Vintage: Tin toy U.S.M.C. DUKW - Lemezjáték
above: NEW! NoHigher! The "Duck-boat" DUKW nowadays as interestingt sightseen vehicle

above: NoHigher! Wet suit on Blondy "Dukw" for Ultimate Fantasy Luxor: Las Vegas Arizona USA

below: VW Typ 166 Schwimmwagen Zweite Weltkrieg

above: NEW! NoHigher! Wermacht's 'Schwimmwagen' with photoreporter  source: Pinterest
above: NoHigher!  source: Wikipedia/Volkswagen_Schwimmwagen
The VW Type 128 and 166 Schwimmwagen (literally Floating/Swimming Car) were amphibious four-wheel driveoff-roaders, used extensively by German ground forces during the Second World War. The Type 166 is the most numerous mass-produced amphibious car in history.
Der Volkswagen Typ 166 ist ein schwimmfähiger Geländewagen mit Allradantrieb. Er wurde auf der Grundlage des KdF-Wagens und des Volkswagens Typ 82 für die Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS entwickelt. Von Herbst 1942 bis Sommer 1944 wurden im Volkswagenwerk bei Fallersleben über 14.000 Stück hergestellt. Umgangssprachlich wird der Typ 166 auch als VW Schwimmer oder allgemein als Schwimmwagen bezeichnet.

Technische Daten:


Boxermotor mit Ölkühler
1131 cm³24,5 PS
bei 3000/min
(max. 3300/min)
Solex 26 VFJ
luftgekühlt mit Ölkühler im Luftstromhängend6 V / 75 Ah
(Einbau unter dem Rücksitz)

Getriebe / Kraftübertragung:

128I. Gang 1:3,60
II. Gang 1:2,07
III. Gang 1:1,25
IV. Gang 1:0,80
Rückwärtsgang 1:6,60
Geländegang 1:5,86
Allrad-Antrieb (4×4)
Motor hinter, Getriebe vor der Hinterachse
dreiflügelige Schiffsschraube für Wasserfahrten
Stockschaltung in der Wagenmitte
vier Gänge und ein Geländegang mit separatem Schalthebel
128wasserdichte Stahlblechwanne, bei 128 mit Zentralrohrrahmen, bei 166 selbsttragend mit Doppellängsträger, und zusätzlichen Längs- und Querversteifungen
128Vorderachse: parallel schwingende Doppelkurbelachse mit Einzelradaufhängung und zwei querliegenden Torsionsstabfedern, Hinterachse: geteilte Pendelachse mit zwei querliegenden Torsionsstabfedern, hydraulische Öldruckstoßdämpfer, vorne einfach, hinten doppelt wirkend, mechanische Seilzug-Zweibackenbremse, auf alle vier Räder wirkend

Weitere Details:

1284200 × 1620 × 1720 mm5,25-16 Geländeschwimmfähig480 mm690 mmStraße 11,5 m
Wasser 18,5 m
550 kg
1663825 × 1480 × 1615 mm5,25-16 Gelände
200-16 od. 200-12 (Tropen)
350 mm770 mmStraße 10 m
Wasser 16 m
560 kg
Typzul. Gesamtgew.ZuladungHöchstgeschw.VerbrauchKraftstoffFahrbereich
1281350 kg450 kgStraße 80 km/h
Wasser 10 km/h
Straße 9,5 l/100 km
Wasser 7 l/h
(theor. 70 l/100 km)
42 l (vorne)Straße 440 km
1661345 kg435 kg2 × 25 l (vorne)Straße 520 km
aboveNEWNoHigher! Deutsch/Reich (Wermacht) Production firmas of Military vehicles - A Német/Birodalmi (WH) katonai járművek gyártó cégei    source: Miller J.'s legacy Pdf.
above: NEW! MedRes! De. text: VW review
above: MedRes! VW Schwimmwagen Type 166 KDF in Slovakien Bratislava Dopravy museum

above: NEW! MedRes! propulsion  photo: Luc Art Photo  source: Pinterest.com
above: NoHigher! The capacity of slope-climb very good! - A lejtőmászó képessége igen jó! 

above: NEW! MedRes! Awesome slope climber capability - Elképesztő kapaszkodó - lejtőmászó képesség   source: PPS
above: Schwimmwagen Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-298-1771-19, Nordfrankreich

above photos: NoHigher! Bottom two; the folding screw
above: The Hungarian Royal Home Defence's Swwg. - M.Kir. Honvédség UGK

above: NoHigher! the three blades screw is turbulencing the water as germany World-star-model Gisele Bündchen - a 3 lapátos hajócsavarja ilyen jól kavarja a vizet mint a német sztármodell Bündhén Gizella

above: MedRes! Bundesarchiv: Left: Frankreich, Offiziere in Schwimmkübel - German officers in a Schwimmwagen in France in 1944.  Right: Carinhall, Hermann Göring begrüßt SS-Führer - ~ with a Schwimmwagen at Carinhall  sourceen.wikipedia./Volkswagen_Schwimmwagen

Entwicklung des VW Typ 128 / 166

Dreiflügelige Schraube am Heck
Aufgrund der Erfahrungen während des Polenfeldzuges verlangte der deutsche Generalstab des Heeres Mitte 1940 einen schwimm- und geländefähigen PKW für die motorisierten Infanterie-Einheiten. Bei der Porsche KG wurde auf der Basis desVW-Kübelwagens Typs 82 mit dem Allradantrieb des Typs 87 ein schwimmfähiger Prototyp entwickelt. Die wichtigsten Merkmale des neuen „Schwimmwagens“ Typ 128 waren seine wannenförmige Karosserie, eine herabschwenkbare dreiflügelige Schraube am Heck und ein modifizierter Boxermotor mit 1131 cm³ Hubraum (25 PS). Die Heckschraube ermöglichte knapp die geforderte Geschwindigkeit von 10 km/h auf dem Wasser. Zusammen mit der Firma Drauz aus Heilbronn wurde am 21. September 1940 ein erster Prototyp fertiggestellt und sofort auf dem Max-Eyth-See bei Stuttgart erprobt. Nach dem Beginn der Serienproduktion bei Porsche zeigten sich im Felde aber noch einige Mängel.
Daraufhin begann im April 1941 die Entwicklung des Typs 166. Der Radstand war auf exakt 2 Meter verkürzt (KdF-Wagen, Typ 128 und Typ 82: 2,4 Meter) und die Wanne war um 37,5 Zentimeter kürzer. Daraus ergab sich eine erhöhte Karosseriestabilität und eine verbesserte Geländegängigkeit. Im August 1941 war der erste Prototyp fertig und bei der Porsche KG wurde eine Vorserie von 125 Stück in Auftrag gegeben. Nach der Heeresabnahme am 29. Mai 1942 begann im Herbst 1942 die Serienproduktion im Volkswagenwerk bei Fallersleben. Im Gegensatz zum Kübelwagen Typ 82, dessen Aufbau bei Ambi-Budd in Berlin hergestellt wurde, produzierte VW die Karosserien selbst. Bei einem alliierten Luftangriff auf das VW-Werk am 5. August 1944 wurden die Fertigungseinrichtungen im Karosseriebau so stark zerstört, dass eine weitere Produktion nicht mehr in Frage kam.[1] Daraufhin konnte aus vorhandenen Teilen nur noch eine geringe Anzahl des Typs 166 produziert werden. Die Fertigung des Kübelwagens Typ 82 lief dagegen im VW-Werk bis zum 10. April 1945 weiter. Insgesamt wurden von 1942 bis 1944 im Volkswagenwerk 14.276 Schwimmwagen Typ 166 hergestellt.
above & below: MedRes!   below; with - mit Panzerfaust
 Maguettes: above & below: MedRes! Presentation of Luftwaffe Ace fighter pilots beside Swwg.
aboveNEWMedRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collection from 'Italeri' catalogue 1981.
En. text: Italeri Incorporated is an Italian manufacturer of plastic scale models of airplanes, military vehicles, helicopters, ships, trucks, and cars. The company was founded in 1962 by Giuliano Malservisi and Gian Pietro Parmeggiani to produce accurate scale model kits with attention to detail.
It. text: La Italeri è un'azienda italiana produttrice di modellini in plastica di aeroplani, mezzi militari, elicotteri, navi, camion, automobili e action figures.  ...

above: NEW! NoHigherVW Type 166 Schwimmwagen & Luftwaffe's Focke-Wulf FW190

above: Schwimmwagen with schwere PzKpfW.-VI "Tiger"-I.


Die ersten Modelle des Typs 128 wurden 1940 an die Pioniereinheiten des Heeres ausgeliefert. Aufgrund eines Auftrags des SS-Führungshauptamtes im Jahre 1941 sollte der Nachfolger des Typs 128, der neue Typ 166, die bis dahin benutzten Beiwagengespanne von BMW (BMW R75) und Zündapp (KS 750) in den Kradschützenbataillonen der Waffen-SS-Divisionen ersetzen. Der neue Schwimmwagen konnte mehrere Soldaten, deren Ausrüstung sowie Waffen und Munition transportieren. Zusätzlich besaß er unter erschwerten Bedingungen eine höhere Geländetauglichkeit als die Beiwagengespanne, kostete aber nur rund die Hälfte. Insgesamt wurde allerdings nur eine geringe Anzahl der Typen 166 und 128 an die Heeres- und SS-Verbände ausgeliefert. Zum Einsatz kamen beide Typen an fast allen Fronten des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Seine Schwimmfähigkeit wurde jedoch eher selten genutzt. Seine eigentliche Stärke war die Geländegängigkeit durch den hoch übersetzten Geländegang in Verbindung mit dem Allradantrieb, dem selbsthemmenden ZF-Sperrdifferential und der Bodenfreiheit von 260 mm.   
source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Typ_166_Schwimmwagen

 above & below: NoHigher!
Hu. definition: AC - Amphibious Car - KÉG - Kétéltű Gépkocsi
above: NoHigher!  below: MedRes! Left: az erőátvitel  Right: Engine & transmission

above: NoHigher! With similar rear propulsion system the Hollywood photomodel & actress Brooklyn Decker enjoying beach Maui-beach in Hawai over in water surface and under ...-.. a Víz felett és alatt ..

above: MedRes! 18+ It's ford capacity as similar than pic - a gázlómélysége hasonló mint a képen
Juci'bacsi's collect from legacy of eng. Mr. Miller József  I.M. 2017.   above: NEW! NoHigherbelow Three! HiRes! japanese TAMIYA 'Schwimmwagen' model-kit

above: NoHigher! Linedrawing   below: NoHigher! Restaurated German amphybian car
above: HiRes! It had got equipped with rowing oar - Evezővel is felszerelték 

above: MedRes! Type 166 in museum
 above & below: MedRes! Type 166 equipped with M.G.42 maschinen gewehr "Blitz MG"

above: NoHigher! Ukrainein Nov.1943.manatthewheelis SS Hauptsturmführ Gustav Knittel the commander of the 1st SS Panzer-Aufklärungs Abteilung with Pz.V 'Panthers' - SS (Shutz Staffel) Armoured-Recon subdiv.  source: Pinterest
Panzerkampfwagen V. 'Panther' Sd.Kfz. 267 German heavy Tank WW-two "Párduc":

above: Left: MedRes!  Right: NoHigher!    below: MedRes!
above: NoHigher! Sextant'scan from 1970's: The VW "Bug" cabrio on the shore with blonde women.

 above & below: MedRes! VW Type 82 "Kübelwagen" Bundesarchiv: Russland Unternehmen Zitadelle

above: NEW! HiRes! Photo: Mr. Kaszás Csaba; Maquettes Exhibition & Competition of Mosonmagyaróvár Hu. (GyMSm) 2010. VW "Kübelwagen" & Zündapp "Kattenkräd"

below: Other old amfybian cars
above: NoHigher! Wersuchswagen

above: NoHigher! 'Bugatti' SG6 Italian amphybian jeep.

above: The 'Bugatti's store in only closed & guarded garage!- ~ Tárolása csak zárt és őrzött garázsban!
aboveNEWHiRes! Photo: Mr. Kaszás Csaba; Maquettes Exhibition & Competition of Mosonmagyaróvár Hu. (GyMSm) 2010. 

above: Scarlett Johansson take her head as vieing to owerload - Jánosi Skarlát fogja a fejét ilyen túlterhelés láttán.

above: MedRes! LARC-V American (Lighter, Amphibious Resupply Cargo, 5 ton), is an aluminium-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle capable of transporting 5 tons. It was developed in the United States during the 1950s, and is used in a variety of auxiliary roles to this day. sourceen.wikipedia./LARC-V

above: NoHigher! This for lack the water protecting leather cover-canvas of passanger compartment. Hollywood star actress  Tiffani Amber Thiessen at the 4th Annual Shorty Awards - Ezért hiányzik a vízvédő bőrponyva az utastér fölül.

aboveNEWNoHigher! USA City of Milwaukee Fire Department's amphybian Fire-rescue

 NEW! NoHigher!
above: NEW! MedRes! ЗИЛ-135 USSR-Russian ZIL-135B/E    ru.wikipedia.org-B-135
above: MedRes! below the amphy Skoda was very streamline and like this good to swim as this swimming women - lentebb: a kétéltű Skoda olyan áramvonalas és szépen úszott mint ez az úszónő
above: MedRes! 'Skoda'-972 in Czechoslovakien Army (WP)   below:  Czech 'Tatra'-801
above: The Tatra's test was very hard and succesful

above: NoHigher! GDR made (German Demokratischen Republic) NVA's (DDR National Volksarmee) NDK (Német Demokratikus Köztársaság) (Nemzeti Néphadsereg) - 'Barkas'  below: parade führer: Pin-Up icon; Dita Von Teese in "NVA's party" suit with dagger and cigar

 NEW! NoHigher! Juci'bacsi's dia-slide repro copy coll: East Germany GDR-DDR-NDK NVA's MedEvac  LUAZ-967 from 'Armee Rundschau' soldaten magazine from late 1970s

above: VB-100
 above: Soviet or GDR or CzSl

above: Left: NoHigher!  Right: MedRes! Chinese BAW - Original Beijing Jeep - ~ Pekingi Dzsipp

above: NEW! NoHigher! Matchbox series, Alvis "Stalwart" BP (British Petrol) Exploration, A LESNEY product Ihad got it 1964

NEWabove: MedRes!    below: NoHigher!  British Amhibious Military Truck 1960's
above: NEW! NoHigher! English ALVIS "Stalwart"  
above: NEW+! NoHigher! GAZ-59037A transformed BTR-70   below: BAZ-5921 "Tochka" chassis

above: NoHigher! Hollywood actress Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch. The BAW's Euro-NCAP crashworthy test was in very succesful on surface and in water. - A töréstesztje sikeres volt.

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Vnedorojnik

above: NoHigher! "Supacat" 6 x 6

aboveLeftMedRes!  RightNoHigher! Cats   below: cats NoHigher!
above & below: NoHigher! Masinuta "Avenger" 

above: NEW! NoHigher! Chinese airmech strike SUPACAT from Mil Mi-8

above: MedRes! True water apmhmonia cabrio, water matress with Tina Hobley - egyéltű vizimatrac

 Lockheed - Martin concepts: GIBBS

above: MedRes! Katherine Webb Lockheed-Martin's test-pilotdriver

above: NEW! MedRes! Left: 007 James Bond car   Right: Luigi Colani designers' "Sea ranger" car
above: NEW! MedRes! Hidrofoil super amphibious sport car

above: NoHigher! With Jet-Sky similar hard drive than Lockheed-Martin vehicle - Sport Illustrated

above: NEW! HiRes! Ideal beautiful landscape and terrain for amhybian vehicles.

Most AMAZING Military Vehicles!   

above: NoHigher! the "Trabant" very good car because no need reserve cooler water in can.
 above: the Honecker's last revenge the all terrain GDR made in Zwickau Bundeswehr "Trabant"-601
  above: NoHigher! The Student driver prepares for new futuristic amphy type
above: MedRes! Meeting - Találkozás
above: NEW++! MedRes! American Popular Mechanics magazine: Amphibious Car from 1964.
above: NEW+! HiRes! Popular Mechanics
above Three: NEW! MedRes! Bottom: Hungarian Budapest sight viewer bus at Margit-island
above: NEW! MedRes! Capital of Hungary Budapest Parlament & Danube river. Over there upper left you can see the margaret Island in front the Chain-bridge by Adam Clark. Ideal crossing site.: CANON EOS-D Photo: ret.avn.WO "Hip" board techn. Mr. Kovács "Kokó" István nyá.rep.zls. Mi-8/17 fed.tech.   below: NEW! MedRes! Swiming to South  source: PPS
above: NEW! NoHigher! Amphybian bus swims in Amsterdam - Nederland   below: too

above: NEW! MedRes! nmethbc2d - Where is the site in Budapest with MAHIR advert coloumn? Because the LuAZ driver have lost the orientation. - Hol lehet ez a hely Bp-en a Simicska-féle céges MAHIR hirdetőoszloppal? - Mert a LuAZ sofőr elvesztette a fonalat/tájékozódást.

above: NoHigher! In the future fantasy crocodile   belowMedRes! Waterbikes
This My advice for Dráva-border river
aboveNEW+NoHigher! She is a Tyre Tracker Investigator - Gumi-Nyomvizsgáló

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