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5.) Daimler-Benz (Mercedes) DB-601/605 Cylinder Engine of Messerschmitt Bf.109 "Messzer" motorja

Daimler-Benz DB-605 flugmotoren Mercedes-Benz Messerschmitt Bf.109 in Luftwaffe and MKHL. Aces Adolf Galland, Heppes Aladár "Puma" század. Cutaway, drawings.(Wikipedia)

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above: #Mercedes-Benz Flugmotoren vintage advertisement poster.

above: NEW+! NoHigher! DB-601 on Bf. 109E in Luftwaffe

Mercedes-Benz 603 E aircraft engine.
The DB 603 aero engine was largely based on the DB 601 design. However, at 2,717 cubic inches the engine´s displacement was substantially increased, as was its output. The unit was fitted to various single- and twin-engined military aircraft, and was manufactured in large numbers by Daimler-Benz AG during World War II.

Cylinders V12
Displacement 2717 cu in
Output 1800 hp (1323 kW)
at engine speed 2700/min
Production period 194
Weight 1345 lbs

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Classic virtueller rundgang exponate Mercedes-Benz Flugmotor DB-603
above: NEW+! MedRes! Daimler-Benz DB 603 E engine, partly sectioned to show internal working.
Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde is an automotive factory in Ludwigsfelde in Brandenburg, just south of Berlin in Germany. The factory is part of Daimler-Benz AG and since 1991 it has made Mercedes-Benz vans.  ...

 above Three & below Two: NEW+! MedRes! DB 605  via:   source: Tumblr
Mercedes-Benz SLK, S 300 Gullwing & retro: Liener György Autótipusok 1964:

above: Juci'bácsi's photo 2013.: HiResNEW! also FREE! pics: kiemelt roncshajtómű. HM HIM - HuMoD Military History Museum - Budapest Budaer-castle: wrecked Bf.109G6 DB 605 engine
Cyrillic: Mercedes DB-605 V12 Soros turbófeltöltős repülőgépmotor felépítése  below: NEW!
that DB aircraft engines used for example in Messerschmitt fighters would be officially named as Mercedes-Benz, not Daimler-Benz engines as is usually written. Now I have accidentally found interesting evidence from the Finnish post-war Messerchmitt manual for Finnish pilots which support this. In the original Finnish text (and in its English translation) is said. You cannot imagine how strange is the truth, Harri! Mercedes is the spanish name of a girl, and Mr. Benz gave the name of this girl to a successful car. So succesfull that customers began to ask for the "Mercedes" not for the "Daimler". Daimler Benz automotive branch consequently changed name in Mercedes-Benz, in the while the nautical and aeronautical branch not. Why the name of the girl was so important is still a mistery linked to private life of Herr Benz.
Forrás / Source: Haditechnika 2013. october  W.M.  HiRes! FREE! Pics  NEW!
above: NEW! MedRes! DB-605 Turbocharger V12  piston engine Sorry!  source:

above: NEW! MedRes! Daimler Benz A.G. DB-605 Getriebeanordnung

 New+! MedRes! above: Kühlstoff-kreislauf - Cooler system - Hűtőrendszer    below: Schmierstoff-kreislauf - Lubricant sytem - Kenőolajrendszer
NEW+! above Two & below a Lot: Hungarian Trad. keeper of  HRA org. arty.ret.sgt. "Dunyhás"s tart.tü.őrmMATASz Hagyomőrző tag. collection: Technical Description & Manual of Mercedes-Benz DB 603 A Motorhandbuch werk ausgabe B 11.1942.  Pdf. copy collection with Juci''bácsi's graphical edit for web.  also Courtesy FREE!   below: Cover & Content: MedRes!

above: De. Text: MedRes! Druchschmierstoffpumpe
 above & below: NoHigher! Operating Technical Datas:  & Performance diagram
above Three! MedResInhalt - Content and long size of motor
above Three: MedRes!  Abbiuldungen - packaging in wooden box    below: NoHigher

above: NoHigher! Number of Cylinders & Fuel Direct Injection

above: MedRes! Engine photos from Front & Rear view   below: MedRes! Side & Lower view
above: MedRes! Blasted graphic about pistons and  rod
above: MedRes! Valve control
above: MedRes! Oil System - Lubricant main parts
above: NoHigher! Schema zur Kraftstoff-Förderpumpe - Schema of Fuel feed pump - Üzemanyag beszállító szivattyú Sémája

above: MedRes! '#Bosch' Einspritzpumpe - Injection pump - Befecskendező szivattyú

 above: MedRes! Schnitt durch die Einspritzpumpe - Cross section about Injection pump/valve - Metszetrajz a Befecskendező fúvókáról
above: NoHigher! Krafstoff system - Fuel System - Üzemanyagrendszer
 MedResaboveKraftstoffentlüfters - Fuel ventillation/Airless system - Üzemanyag szellőzőrendszer /Légmentesítő     below: Schnitt - Cross section - Metszet
 above & below: MedRes! Gemischregler - Airpressure Control for Regulation Carburateour of Fuel-Injection - Levegőkeverék szabályozó
above: MedRes! Kraftverstärker im Gemischregler - Fuel Regulator for Carburateour/Mixture regulator - Hajtóanyag keverékszabályzó
aboveNoHigher! Carburation Heater tape - Melegszabályzó csap
above: MedRes! Aufbau des Ladedruckwählers -  Airduct bed selector - Töltőnyomásválasztó 
above: MedRes! Schema der Gesamtregulierung - Full regulation - Teljes szabályozás
 NoHigher! above: Zuteilpumpe -Distribution pump - Kiosztó/Elosztópumpa      below: Schwungkraft - Anlassers - FDlky-wheel Starter - Lendítőkerekes Önindító
 above: NoHigher!  Diagram - Feed pressure - Töltőnyomás grafikon
 NoHigher! above: Zündzeit-Verstellhebel - Ignition magnet foresparking regulator - Gyujtómágnes előgyujtás szabályzás     below: Ladeluft - Airduct - Levegőtöltés
above: MedResGesamtregulierung -  Full regulation - Teljes szabályozás
above: MedRes!  Bedienungs- und Leistungshebelregelung - Engine Control System
End of  Trdn.-kepr. ret.arty.sgt. Dunyhás' Pdf. copies Chapter
P-35, Reggiane Re.2000 "Falco", W.M. 'Héja' & Handbook of W.M. K-14 radial piston engine:
above: NoHigherNEW pic! in the Bayerische Flugzeug aufbau - workroom     
En. text: The Daimler-Benz DB 605 is a German aircraft engine, built during World War II. Developed from the DB 601, the DB 605 was used from 1942 to 1945 in the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter, and the Bf 110 and Me 210C heavy fighters. The DB 610, a coupled "power system" powerplant comprising a pair of side-by-side configured examples of the DB 605, geared together in the front to turn a single output shaft — and which, like the very similar DB 606 that it replaced, weighed in at some 1,515 kg apiece — was used in the A-3 and all A-5 variants of Germany's only operational heavy bomber, the Heinkel He 177A.
License-built versions of the DB 605 were used in the Macchi C.205, Fiat G.55, Reggiane 2005 and some other Italian aircraft. It was also initially used in the pusher-design Swedish Saab J21. Approximately 42,400 DB 605s of all kinds were built.
De. text: Der Daimler-Benz DB 605 war ein flüssigkeitsgekühlter Zwölfzylinder-Flugmotor mit 35,7 Litern Hubraum undBenzindirekteinspritzung von Daimler-Benz. Mit über 42.000 Exemplaren war er nach dem Junkers Jumo 211(68.248 Stück) einer der meistgebauten deutschen Kolben-Flugmotoren des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Die überwiegende Zahl der Jagdflugzeuge Messerschmitt Bf 109 war mit diesem Motor ausgerüstet.
Cz. Text: Daimler-Benz DB 605 byl německý letecký motor, vyráběný za druhé světové války, vyvinutý z motoru DB 601. Byl to kapalinou chlazený, invertní vidlicový dvanáctiválec. Montoval se do především do stíhaček Messerschmitt Bf 109 a Bf 110. Licenčně se vyráběl i v Itálii, kde se montoval do stíhacích letounů Macchi MC.205, Fiat G.55 a Reggiane Re-2005. Po válce byla v krásnobřezenském skladu v Ústí nad Labem obrovská zásoba těchto motorů, byla však zničena během požáru (který předcházel ústeckému masakru), což si později vynutilo osazovat draky Messerschmittů Bf 109 při poválečné výrobě motorem Jumo 211 (označení takto vzniklého letounu byloAvia S-199)
/ Source: Haditechnika 2013.october
above: NEW+! NoHigher! Powerplant advert
aboveNEWMedR.: Bf.109F profile artwork.
 above: NEW! NoHigher! Bf 109E7 Trop 1.JG27 White 1 Wolfgang Redlich Libya 1941. Kagero top colors.     below: NEW! MedRes!

above: NEW! NoHigher! Bf.109D general Adolf Galland ace fighter returning from a "Freyagd" mission over England, fall, 1940.  source: Pinterest

above: NEW! NoHigher! In museum depo
above: NEW! NoHigher! Bf.109 renovation DB-605 - webdesign
above: NEW! NoHigher! Bf.109 G2-III. JG.52 in Stalingrad late summer 1942  Pinterest
above: Bf 109 G-6 (W-0 21), Dániel László hadnagy gépe, 101/3. vadászszázad, Veszprém 1944. június. A képen a szerelője látható.
above: New! NoHigher!     below: NEW! NoHigher!
above: new!! Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf.109G6    below! NEW! MedRes! Where is it?
above: NEW! NoHigher! 3D for modelling
 above & below: NEW+! NoHigher! 3D project   source:
above: NEW! MedRes! DB601 

above: Wikipedia    bottom: MedRes! the real cutaway - metszet demonstration Right: DB-605A motorblokk

NEW! MedRes! above: A DB 605 Engine at the RAF Museum in London.
above: New pic!
 above & below: NEW! NoHigher! Diagrams of  DB-605
1938 bis 1945 Bearbeiten
Die Daimler-Benz Motoren GmbH, ein Tochterunternehmen der Daimler-Benz AG, errichtete 1936 in einem Waldgebiet der Genshagener Heide am Rande von Ludwigsfelde ein Werk zur Produktion von Flugmotoren, das Flugmotorenwerk Genshagen. In dem „Nationalsozialistischen Musterbetrieb" wurden vor und während des Zweiten Weltkrieges Motoren der Typen DB 600, DB 601, DB 603, DB 605 für diverse Flugzeuge der Luftwaffe hergestellt. Zulieferer war u. a. der Dreilinden Maschinenbau im benachbarten Kleinmachnow, ein Tochterunternehmen der Robert Bosch GmbH. Im Werk Genshagen arbeiteten Ende 1943 über 14700 Menschen, davon 38 % freiwillige und unfreiwillige Zivilarbeiter, 5 % Kriegsgefangene und 2 % KZ-Häftlinge. Ende 1944 waren es 16600 Arbeiter. Davon waren 68 % Ausländer, Kriegsgefangene oder KZ-Häftlinge. 1940 produzierten 7700 Arbeiter 3176 Flugzeugmotoren. Die 16600 Arbeiter Ende 1944 erzeugten 10535 Flugzeugmotoren. Das war eine Produktivitätssteigerung um über 50 %., die auf extrem harte Arbeitsbedingungen und die lange Arbeitszeiten zurückzuführen war. Von 1943 bis 1944 existierte in der sogenannten „Deutschlandhalle“ ein Außenlager des Konzentrationslagers Ravensbrück; 1100 weibliche KZ-Häftlinge wurden zur Zwangsarbeit im Flugmotorenwerk eingesetzt. Nach Kriegsende wurden die Fertigungseinrichtungen des Motorenwerkes Genshagen demontiert.

above: NEW! MedRes! Water & Metanol Injection system  source: Haditechnikai Szemle armedia Hu.
above: NEW! Cyrillic text: HiRes! Electricity wiring diagram
above-below: Bf.109C Cross Section (Large!)
above: new! HiRes! Top and side cross section  - schnitt zeichen
 above & below: New Pics! HiRes! Top: Bf.109B  Bottom: Bf.109K

above: Juci'bacsi's photos 'Nikon Coolpix-4600' 2013.: New PicsHiResBig! also FREE! Me-Bf.109G6 wreck in Hungarian Military History (HM.HIM) Museum 2013.

above & below: New! cockpit drawing. HiRes!
above & below: New! HiRes! Messerschmitt Bf.109K cockpit (russian cyrillic) and English

above: Juci'bacsi's photos Nikon Coolpix-4600: New PicsHiResBig! also FREE! Me-Bf.109G6 instrument panel/dashboard (Equipped with 'Askania'-Berlin instruments) in Hungarian Military History (HM.HIM) Museum 2013.

above: NEW! NoHigher! 'Askania' flieger uhr from flugzeuge instrument werke AG: 

Die Askania Werke AG wurden im Jahr 1871 in Berlin als Bambergwerke in der Linienstraße 185 (nahe den Hackeschen Höfen) gegründet und 1912 in Askania Werke AG umbenannt. 2004 entstand eine – rechtlich unabhängige – Askania AG, die mechanische Armbanduhren, Taschenuhren und insbesondere Piloten-Uhren auf Basis historischer Vorlagen herstellt. Neuerdings werden auch Schreibgeräte unter der Bezeichnung Flugschreiber hergestellt. source:
above: new!! the armor protection and armament

above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's 'Nikon' photo: HiRes! summer of 2013. Pápa LHPA AFB - NATO-NAMA HAW's C-17 "Open-Day" in exhibit tent of Hungarian wreck collector's; RHAF (M.Kir.Le.) canopy Bf.109G6 and Hu. pilots haube-helmet and "DR" navigation disc - tárcsa.

above & below: new! HiRes!  bottom Right: Big!

above: NEW! MedRes! Bf.109E ?

above: right: HiRes! wing plan     below: NEW! HiRes! Cyr. text: Bf.109E-3
aboveNoHigher! Original Tail plan
above: new pic! MedRes!
above: new! HiRes! Bf.109F

above: MedRes! English cutaway of Messer
above: NEW: Soviet informative graphics    below: Röntgenschnitt HiRes-Large!
 above & below: New Pics! HiRes!

belowNEWHiRes! Experimental "Spitfire"
above: new! MedRes!
below: seven New PicsHiRes! drawing

above: NoHigher! Bf 109E
above: seven New Pics! HiRes! drawing

above: NEW! NoHigher! Oktoberfest Münich / Muenchen: The best true Bayern/Bayerische cooling fluid 'Glycol' by 'HofBrau' 'HB' beer!

above: NEW Pics!: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection from "Technika és Honvédelem-I." - A Repülőgép" issue at 1956.
 above : NEW+MedRes! DB 605  via:   source: Tumblr
above: NEW+! NoHigher! DB 600 A   source: Wikipedia-Visual

above: New Pics! Left: Turbo-charger    Right: MedRes! Luftwaffe Pilot.3.JG2 stands next too his Bf-109F4 at Bernay     below: new! Roentgen artwork: Akio Takahashi

above: NEW! NoHigher! "Ricthofen" roentgen artwork   will be repeat in mix!

aboveNEWNoHigher! DB 605     below: NEW!MedRes! Mr. Mühlbauer

above: MedRes! Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf.109G-4. 'Speyer' Technik Muzeum   belowNEWMedRes! Photo: Kizmus Szabolcs facebook

Three New Pics! above: HiRes!    below lower: Medres! Locks of  Cover of Engine bay and

above: NEW! Left: NoHigher! Bf.109E latch - rögzítő klapni  RightNew PicsHiRes! Latches
aboveNEWMedResNoHigher! Bf.109E

above: New Pics!
above: NEW pic! Juci'bacsi's photo by Olympus. HiRes! at 'Aero-2005' aviation Exhibition at GFR-Friedricdschafen  close at lake-Boden. It was AVIATOR Magazin's  reportage tour.
above: NEW! HiRes! Bf.109KP
above: NEW! NoHigher! Messerschmitt AG's kriegfirmen     below: NEW! NoHigher! (repeat)

above: NEW! Left: MedRes!  Bf.109E finalization   Right: MedRes!
above: NEW! NoHigher! Bf.109E3 7.JG26 -W13+I Walter Blume Caffiers France 1940.
above: mix HiRes!
Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt (* 26. Juni 1898 in Frankfurt am Main; † 15. September 1978 in München) war ein deutscherFlugzeugkonstrukteur und Unternehmer. Er gilt als ein Pionier der Luftfahrt.
Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt (/'vĭli 'messer shmĭt/) (June 26, 1898 – September 15, 1978) was a German aircraftdesigner and manufacturer. He was born in Frankfurt am Main, the son of Baptist Ferdinand Messerschmitt (1858–1916) and his second wife, Anna Maria née Schaller (1867–1942).
Probably Messerschmitt's single most important design was the Messerschmitt Bf 109, designed in 1934 with the collaboration of Walter Rethel. The Bf 109 became the most important fighter in the Luftwaffe as Germany rearmed prior to World War II. To this day, it remains one of the most-produced warplanes in history, with some 34,000 built, with only the Russian Ilyushin Il-2 surpassing it at 36,000. Another Messerschmitt aircraft, first called "Bf 109R", purpose-built for record setting, but later redesignated Messerschmitt Me 209, broke the absolute world airspeed record and held the world speed record for propeller-driven aircraft until 1969. His firm also produced the first jet-powered fighter to enter service — the Messerschmitt Me 262, although Messerschmitt himself did not design it.

below: NEW! Prof. eng. Willy Messerschmitt general constructeaur.

above: NEW! MedRes! Reich Luftharts Ministerium (RLM) Berlin Bundesarchiv Bild:183-H27413
above: NEW!: NoHigher! Prof. Willy Messerschmitt and Adolf Galland
Adolf "Dolfo" Joseph Ferdinand Galland (19 March 1912 – 9 February 1996) was a German Luftwaffegeneral and flying ace who served throughout the Second World War in Europe. A flying ace or fighter ace is amilitary aviator credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft during aerial combat. He flew 705 combat missions, and fought on the Western and the Defence of the Reich fronts. On four occasions, he survived being shot down, and he was credited with 104 aerial victories, all of them against the Western Allies.  
above: NEW! NoHigher! Ernst Udet & Willy Messerschmitt
 aboveNEW! NoHigher! Bf.109E road transport
above: New

above: NEW! NoHigher! a very professional Luftwaffe profile poster artwork

NoHigherabove: NEW! Messerschmitt Me. 410 vs. B-17 Flying Fortress. German pilots who flew the ME 410 in the end days were were trilled about the superb results the ME 410 had against the Alied bomber stream     below: NEW+!  Me-210Ca1 HUN RFPA  by: Jutocsa

above Two: New Pics! from: Pinterest  Left: LowRes!  Right: MedRes!
below Four: NEWNoHigher!(except one marked) Comparison Graphicons-Diagrams of combat effectives between WW-Two fighters.
 above & below: NEW! NoHigher! Comparison performance diagrams
 above: NEW! MedRes!
above Four: NEW! NoHigher!(except one marked) Comparison Graphicons-Diagrams of combat effectives between WW-Two fighters.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Hungarian painter-artist: Mr. Masher Róbert: "Puma" Messzer

above: NEW! MedRes! The "Hungarian Wings" Magazine - "Magyar Szárnyak" újság 1940.

above: NEW! MedRes! The logo of 101st "Puma" squadron - group / Geschwader at Veszprém-Jutas

above: NEW! NoHigher! Hungarian "Puma" ace capt. Szentgyörgyi Dezső shot down B-24
above: NEW+! NoHigher! Faludi header Hu.RAF Bf.109G shoot the USAAF P-38J

above: Juci'bacsi's original handpainted photo about airbrus artwork from 2001. On plastic board width. 90-cm. FREE!  Below: NEW pic: RHAF (MKHL) 101. fighter group's "Puma" Bf.109 at Jutasi - reptér near Veszptém to North 340 angle. Backround the peak "Papod" of "Bakony" mountain chain.

above & below: New! At Jutas-puszta airfield 101st 'Puma' squadron's Messer Bf.109G6 'Gustav'

above: Air Air Grafika FREE!
above: NEW! NoHigher! RHAF "Puma" F. sqn. Fighter Pilot - MKHL "Puma" v.szd. vadászpilóta
above: NEW pic! HiRes! Royal Hungarian Air Force's 101st 'Puma' squadron after group.
aboveNEW+NoHigher! Juci'bacsi's collect:  Hu. text Modell és Makett (abandoned) magazine from1996/1 (198,-Ft.) : a Messer ...  Continue at before End!
above: New! NoHigher! Troop cargo glider DSF! into the building at Budapest "Vérmező" Attila-street  near to Southern Railway terminal under the western side of Buda-castle hill during Budaer sally in february 1945.
 above & below two: Juci'bacsi scan coll.: NEWMedResHu.: Comparison of WW-2 fighters

above: NEW! NoHigher! top Spitfire killer Oberst Josef "Pips" Priller. Priller was the most succesful Luftwaffe pilot in battles with Spitfires claiming at least 68 of them.

above: NEW! MedRes! german 'Luftwaffe'
above: NEW! HiRes! scanned pics from Juci'bacsi's scanned collection
Hasegawa Me-Bf.109G6 "Gustav" RHAF (Hu.AF) - MK.HL "Messzer" Model kit

above: Squadron Signal Publications Book of Hungarian Aviation Historian: by PUNKA György

aboveNEWHiRes! ret. avn. St.Sgt. mech. Vincze Ferenc aviation painter at LHKE Kecskemét: Hungarian MKHL (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő) HuRHAF (Hungarian Royal Home defence Air Force) Messerschmitt Bf.109G6 "Gustav" in flight formation    below: NEW! MedRes!

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Fighter campaign in 1944 - 45. Royal Hungarian Air Force's Bf.109G6 shotdown USAAF P-38  source: Avsim-IL-2

above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's painting "Air Art Graphics" 1995 inspired by American World famous aviation painter, Barrie A. F. Clark "Spitfire" oil paintng. Copi from photopaper: RHAF Me-Bf.109G6 & B-17

aboveNEW! MedRes! Adam Makkos & Larry Alexander: A The New York Times Bestseller Book "A Higher call." - "Felettünk a csillagos ég." cover: Valor Studios; John D. Shaw, Franz Stigler Collection, Charlie Brown Collection.. Berkley Publishing. Maxim Könyvkiadó Kft.  
 below: NEW! Painter: John D. Shaw HiRes! Valor studio

above: NEW! NoHigher! The B-17's 'Bendix' A9B upper gun turret

above: NEW! MedRes! "A Higher Call" source: Valor Studio

A Higher Call
December 20, 1943
by John D. Shaw
A Valor Studios project in development for the past five years!
Encountering a mortally-wounded B-17 limping back to England, Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler anticipated an easy kill and another opportunity to avenge his brother’s death at the opening of WWII. As he approached the virtually helpless American plane, however, he saw the faces of the dead and wounded crewmen. Then, Stigler’s eyes met those of pilot Charles Brown. Despite the potentially severe consequences of letting an enemy plane escape, Stigler felt that he had to answer a higher call of honor . . . mercy.
Expecting the worst at any moment, Brown marveled as the enemy Bf-109 stuck with him to the North Sea. His adversary then saluted and veered away, allowing the astonished Brown to journey safely home. With this encounter engraved into the minds of both pilots for decades after the war’s end, the two men remarkably located one another in 1990. In the years that followed, their friendship developed to the point where Stigler considered Brown to be as precious as the brother he had lost. 
Cover Painting

above: NEW! MedRes! Czech 'Avia' S-199  (Praga-Prague-Praha - Kbely aviation museum)

above: NEW! HiRes! Leslie Angyal László Hu. disbanded AVIATOR International Magazine former Chief-editor CANON EOS-D photo 2015.: Israeli Air Force Museum. IAF S-199   source: László     below: NEW+! HiRes! also A.L.

aboveNEWHiRes! Photo 10. may 2016: ret.avn.Maj. Jules Brandt "Szepi" Gyula nyá.rep.őrgy. (64 yo.) 1st Golden-wing class Mi-8/17 test & tutor pilot HuDf "Bakony" Combat Helicopter Regiment - Harcihelikopter Ezred & author - szerző of History of MH.87. "B"HHE book. Avia S-199 in Czech Kbely-Praha Aviation Museum & czeská liquid cooler  HRsourcefacebook

above: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bacsi's collection: also courtesy FREE! Czechoslovakien assembly kit from: Cz. 'Kovozavody Prostejov' ('KP') scale 1:72  1970's - Box cover.  artist: J. Velc

NEW! HiRes! Assembler Instruktion  - Összeszerelési Utasítás  (scan by Sextant)
above: NEW++! MedRes! Avia S-199 trainer version in Kbely.  photo. Hu. Kizmus Szabolcs

above: NEW! MedRes! DB-610

above: NEW! NoHigher! Japanese World famous erotic painter: Hajime Sorayama: Marlene Dietrich Germany World famous Hollywood actress with Me-262 "Schwalbe" backround: The Reich-Führer Adolf Hitler, SS-Führer Himmler, Göbbels commander of Luftwaffe and Ernest Hemingway writer.

 above & below: New Pics! restaurated Luftwaffe fighters   below: MedRes!
above: Juci'bacsi's photo HiRes! from Exhibition 'Aero-2005' at Friedrichschafen: Messer Hobby acf.
above: NEW+! NoHigher! French made Me-108 "Taifun" Taxi/L acf. -precedessor of Me-109- in Hu. LHSN Szolnok HuMoD - HM MoMilHistory's Avitaion Muzeum on the wall with My 'Air Art Graphics' Studio artwork graphics 9 x L.11 x W.1 m canvas molino + C-17 printed with Xerox by HuMoD "Tóth Ágoston" Mapping institute Budapest 2006. This type changed by Yakovlev Jak-11 "Ölyv"
above: NEW+! NoHigher!
Hu. text: Repülőmúlt: A hagyományőrző „nyolcvanhatos”: Az MH 86. Szolnok Helikopter Bázis mindig fontos feladatának tartotta a hagyományőrzést. Ez a munka 1964-ig nyúlik vissza, amikor megnyílt a tiszti iskola csapatmúzeuma. Kezdetben csak az iskola történetével kapcsolatos feladatokat tartották fontosnak, de a rendszerváltozás utáni időszakban ez sokat változott.  szerző: Magó Károly rep.zls. ...
above: NEW! HiRes! Hungarian Bf.109G6 model HMFest Kunszállás 2017. június 9-11.
Hu. text: 1944 nyarát idézi majd meg ez a valósághű, gyönyörű BF 109 repülő modell a HMFEST air zónájában, amely Szekeres István keze munkája.
A gép kicsinyített hasonmása a Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő 101-es Vadászezred Messerschmitt Bf 109 -es vadászgépének, amellyel 1944 nyarán repült utoljára Újszászy György százados.

above & below; NEW! NoHigher! The sprite "Messer" Messerschmitt KR-200 Kabinen Roller - scooter 1960 - Cab microcar. It was best favourite dream vehicle at My teenager term.

aboveNEWHiRes! Hu. AERO magazin 2016. november  source: facebook advert

 above One & below Seven: NEW! HiRes! (cropped) Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf.109G4 "Schwartz-1" W-nr19257-N109GY  source: Google G+ Hu collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán

aboveNew Pics! Deutschland - German Made retro Messerschmitt uhr - wrist watch for fans

below: NEW! The true Bayern "Glycol" cooler fluid for DB-Bf. Pilots from Augsburg beer stube.

above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's collect:  Hu. text Modell és Makett (abandoned) magazine from1996/1 (198,-Ft.) : a Messzer ...

above: NEW! NoHigher! Luftwaffe crew with 'Doberman' dog

below: NEW! NoHigher! Mercedes-Benz Flugmotoren - Daimler-Benz A.G. Stuttgart - Unterturkheim  artist by: Gotschke  pinterest



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