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4.) M4 "Sherman" US Army WW Two Tank _ Amerikai közepes harckocsi II. Vh. _ Movie: Fury, Kelly's Heroes, Battle of the Bulge.

M4 "Sherman" US Army WW Two Medium Tank - Amerikai közepes harckocsi II. Vh.,  Movie: Fury, Kelly's Heroes, Battle of the Bulge, Fury. Ariel Sharon. (Wikipedia)

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above: NEW! MedRes! M4 "Firefly"   sourcewww.tvtropes.org
above: NEW! MedRes! #Lend-Leased Vehicles.   below: NEW! NoHigher! Three view
above: NEW! MedRes! Hu. ret. Lt.Col. Salgó "Arty-Man" Béla nyá.táb.tü. alez. H=170cm in Bovington Tank-museum 2015.

above: NEW! HiRes! My Friend NATO's staff assignment from JFC flt.Lt.Col. Kiss "Kissnándi" Nándor rep.alez. (H=172 cm) at M4 in NL Arnheim museum ("The Bridge too far")  source: facebook
aboveNEWNoHigherHu. text:A parttól egy kicsit beljebb, a dűnék mögött a 70. harckocsi zászlóalj C századának M4A1E8 Sherman harckocsiját állították ki.  photo: Hu. Author Mr. Szórád Tamás  source: Air Base Blog  https://airbase.blog.hu/
 Air Base Blog:
Szórád Tamás 2018. szeptember 26., szerda 12:55 |

Hu. text: Amikor a D-nap reggelén, a haditengerészeti tüzérséggel és bombázókkal végrehajtott előkészítést követően az amerikai 4. lövészhadosztály első hullámának hatszáz katonája megérkezett a Utah-partra, a térségben már javában dúlt a harc az amerikai ejtőernyősök és a németek között. A partraszállók a vártnál kisebb ellenállásba ütköztek, részben azért, mert a tervezettnél délebbre értek partot, ahol kisebb német erővel szembesültek. Miközben a műszaki alegységek a partszakaszt készítették elő az utánuk érkezők fogadására, a hadosztály lövész alegységei elkezdték előrenyomulásukat a félsziget belseje felé, hogy a 82. és 101. légi szállítású hadosztályok ejtőernyőseivel egyesülve ott folytassák harcukat. A D-nap végére már húszezer katona és 1700 jármű volt a Utah-parton. A partraszállók vesztesége 197 fő volt.  ...   https://airbase.blog.hu/
above Two: NEWNoHigherHu. text: A Shermant 76 mm-es, csőszájfékkel ellátott, hosszú csövű ágyúval szerelték fel. Az E8-as változatok futóműve az újabb HVSS (Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension) felfüggesztéssel készült. A puha, homokos talajon jól jött, hogy lánctalp szélesebb volt, mint a korábbi változatoké.  ...  above & below photo: Hu. Author Mr. Szórád Tamás  source: Air Base Blog

above: NEW! HiRes! M4A3 "Squirrell" nowadays at beach in vintage action  source: mellbimbo.eu

above: NEW pic: HiRes!

above: NEW! NoHigher! USMC M4   www.quoea.com   below: Left: HiRes! British M4

above: NEW! M4s operating as a #Self propelled Gun
below: NEW! MedRes! Left: also artillery task as MLR (Multi launch Rockets) - #Sorozatvető   Right#Soviet "Lend-Lease" M4 source: negativi Cokov
Американский танк М4А3Е4 "Шерман"югославской армии

above: NEW! MedRes! US M4 in camo net
above: NEW! MedRes! Destroyed M4 in Sinai peninsula 1956. close Suez-canal  source: Pinterest

above & below: New!: wrecked and killed M4s.below: In #France in 1944

above: NEW! HiRes! Painting about feared enemy Nazi WERMACHT/SS heavy tank, schwere panzer PzKpfw. VII "Königtiger" - a rettegett "Királytigris" nehézharckocsi  source: mellbimbo.eu

above: NEW! HiRes! M4  source: mellbimbo.eu
above: NEW! HiRes!
above: HiRes! Dr. (Ph.D.) ret. eng. Lt. Col. CSUTORÁS Gábor nyá.mk.alez. NBC & Fire Fighting expert then deputy president of  MATASz-VeMSz (Veszpremer Resevisten Club - #Association) beside M4 'Sherman' at #Normandy 2012.

above: four NEW Pics! bottom Right: HiRes!    below: NEW!  Battle of #Aachen - #Drawing

above: NEW#General #Sherman. William Tecumseh Sherman (/tɪˈkʌmsə/; February 8, 1820 – February 14, 1891) was an American soldier, businessman, educator and author. He served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–65), for which he received recognition for his outstanding command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the "scorched earth" policies that he implemented in conducting total war against the Confederate. States. 

above: NEW! Left: HiRes! M3 "Stuart" very good! profile caricature  Right: MedRes! Placard
above & below: Top: M4A2 NEW! pic: HiRes! below: M4A3E2 'Sherman' #Jumbo' 75mm gun

above: NEW! M4 #Santa-Clara #Cuba october 1959. Kuba

above: NEW! NoHigher! M4 National Guardsmen in 1950
above: NEW! MedRes! M4-Sherman pakisztáni kilőve 1965-India-Pakisztán háború
above: NEW+! HiRes! M4 With Angela Ryan at Cavanaugh Flight Museum on the Sherman Tank  by Mark Greenmantle photography: https://www.facebook.com/GreenmantleStudios/  source: Hungarian Google G+ Collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Expert

above & below: HiRes! M4 #Bovington #British #Tank #Museum "#Tankfest" 2012. modellingnews

Production history
Designed: 1940
Produced: 1941–
Number built: 49,234
Weight: 66,800 pounds (30.3 tonnes; 29.8 long tons; 33.4 short tons)
Length: 19 ft 2 in (5.84 m)
Width: 8 ft 7 in (2.62 m)
Height: 9 ft (2.74 m)
Crew: 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)

Armor: 76 mm maximum
Main armament: 75 mm M3 L/40 gun (90 rounds) or 76 mm gun M1 (55 rounds)
Secondary armament:  .50 cal #Browning M2HB machine gun (300 rounds), 2 × .30-06 Browning M1919A4 machine guns (4,750 rounds)
Engine#Continental R975 C1, air-cooled, radial-piston, gasoline400 hp (298 kW) at 2,400 rpm
M4A4 Model - #Chrysler A57 Multibank 30 cylinder 21-litre engine. 470 hp at 2,700 rpm.
Power/weight: 15.8 hp/tonne
Transmission: Spicer manual, synchromesh, 4 forward (plus 1 overdrive) and 1 reverse gear
Suspension: Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS)
Operational range: 120 miles (193 km) at 175 U.S. gal (660 L); 80 octane
Speed: 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 km/h)
M4 Sherman: comparison of key production features of selected models Designation
M4 Composite 75 mm cast front welded sides gasoline Continental R975 radial
Main Armament: M4A1(76)W 76 mm
Cast M4A2 75 mm welded diesel GM6046 (2x6-71 inline)
M4A3W 75 mm welded gasoline #Ford GAA V8
M4A3E2 "Jumbo" 75 mm (some 76 mm) welded
gasoline Ford GAA V8 M4A3E8(76)W "Easy Eight"
76 mm welded gasoline Ford GAA V8
M4A4 75 mm welded lengthened gasoline Chrysler A57 5x6-cyl inline
M4A6 75 mm cast front welded sides lengthened diesel #Caterpillar D200A radial
above: source: www.wikipedia.com
above: New pic! M4A1 A-A Fire Support Tank 4x20mm Polsten automatic cannons

above: NoHigher! NEW! M4-T52 MGMC -This was America's attempt to fit a Bofors gun into a multiple gun carriage and create a Sherman Anti air unit with similar 'Sperry' "Ballturret" turret.

Ballturret-Sperry: http://szextant.blogspot.hu/2014/04/66-24-mi-24v-bell-p-39-airahind-fantasy.html
below: NEW#Minesweeper armored wheeled vehicle

above: New pics!: M4 #comparison to other WW-II. tanks  NoHigher!
above: NEW! MedRes! M4 "#StuG"  #Tank-killer "Sherman" prototype.

above: NEW! Centre Left: HiRes! Top: MedRes! Juci'bacsi's assembled from two pieces pics.  Bottom: NoHigher!  C. Old: Right: NoHigher!

above: NEW! NoHigher! Chrysler A54 engine    pinterest.com

above: NEW! NoHigher! M4 Sherman had a Wright "Whirlwind" 9 cyl.350 hp star engine stj-motor
above: NEW! NoHigher! Argentinian M4 from rear   www.blitz72.com
above: NEW! MedRes! Combat Recovery Vehicle M4 'Speyer' Technic Muzeum  photo: Kizmus Szabolcs  source: facebook
above: NEW! NoHigher! Wreck M4 as a "coral reef - korallzátony"  source: facebook

aboveNEW#Hollywood star actress #Sharon #Stone (born: 17.march 1958)Left: HiResMovie - Film"#Elemi ösztön." Right: MedRes! with #Audi advert age 50

Basic Instinct 2 (also known as Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction), is a 2006 #erotic #thriller film and the sequel to 1992's Basic Instinct. The film was directed by Michael Caton-Jones and produced by Mario Kassar, Joel B. Michaels, and Andrew G. Vajna. The screenplay was by Leora Barish and Henry Bean. It stars Sharon Stone, who reprises her role of Catherine Tramell from the original, and David Morrissey. The film is an international co-production ofGermany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain.

Sharon Stone (born March 10, 1958) is an American actress and movie producer. She received a Golden Globe Award for her part in the 1995 movie Casino. Her role in the movie Basic Instinct was also notable.
Stone won the title of Miss Crawford County in Meadville. She was a candidate for Miss Pennsylvania. One of the pageant judges said she should quit school and move to New York City to become a fashion model. In 1977, Stone left Meadville, moving in with an aunt in New Jersey. Within four days of her arrival in New Jersey, she was signed by Ford Modeling Agency in New York.

While living in Europe, she decided to quit modeling and become an actress. Stone was cast for a brief role in Allen's Stardust Memories (1980). She had many roles in movies in the 1980's. Being in Total Recall (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger helped her career. To promote the movie, she posed nude for Playboy.  ...  https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharon_Stone
below: NoHigher!
#Ariel Sharon (Hebrew: אריאל שרון‎; IPA: [arˈjɛl ʃaˈron] , Ariʼēl Sharōn, also known by his diminutive Arik, אַריק, born Ariel Scheinermann, אריאל שיינרמן‎; February 26, 1928 – January 11, 2014) was an Israeli #politician and general who served as the 11th #Prime Minister of Israel until he was incapacitated by a stroke. #Sharon was a commander in the #Israeli Army from its creation in 1948. As a #soldier and then an #officer, he participated prominently in the 1948 War of Independence, becoming a platoon commander in the Alexandroni #Brigade and taking part in many battles, including Operation Ben Nun Alef. He was an instrumental figure in the creation of Unit 101 and the Reprisal operations, as well as in the 1956 #Suez Crisis, the Six-Day War of 1967, the War of Attrition, and the #Yom-Kippur War of 1973. As Minister of Defense, he directed the 1982 Lebanon War. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_Sharon
below: NEW! Left: A. Sharon div. cmdr. with M4 #Armoured SP Command Post. Right: MedRes!

above: NEW! Left: MedRes! SP M4 L-33 155 mm howitzer  Roem "Beyt-Hatotchan"  Right: MedRes! M4-Sherman-Medevac. IAM: #Latrun.   below: MedRes! Inside atmosphere of Cmdr. or Med. vehicle.
above: NEW! MedRes! M50 "Supersherman" Israeli #Armor #Museum: Yad La Siryon #Latrun
above: NEW! NoHigher! IDF M4/M51 "Super Sherman"  pinterest.com
above: NEW! MedRes! Opposit forces Syr & IDF of plateau 'Golan' october 1973. "Yom Kippur"
below MedRes!: NEW! War's maps

above: NEW! NoHigher! WW-Two Tank type Poster
above: NEW! NoHigher! Data comparison diagram about WW-Two tanks gun.
above: Coloured & #Written by Air Art HiRes! #Cross section

above: NEW! HiRes! Turret real #Cutaway   below: HiRes!
above: NEW! HiRes! unique cutaway
above: NEW! NoHigher! Front-view #Comparison: from left: #Pzkpfw-IV, M4, #T-34/85

above "#Königtiger" & below: Pzkpfw -VI "#Tiger"-I similar to #M4 NEW

above: NEWNoHigher! from Left: M47 "#Patton", USA M4 "Sherman"A3E4, Soviet T-34/76B.
aboveNEWMedResHu. text: Páncéltestek és főbb paraméterek összehasonlítása T-34 és M4
above: NEW! MedRes#RC #Tank #models before game.

NEWabove: MedRes! Hungarian Tank modeller Club in Budapest   below: NoHigher! Big scale 1:8 WW-Two tank models  http://www.rctanks.ru/
above: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection

Bandai/Fuman - Nr. 058264

1/48   058264   #Bandai   M4A3 76mm Sherman Tank
Exc   Injection Molded   old
Rare 1/48 scale kit. Part of the classic and highly detailed Bandai 'Pin Point' 1/48 armor series. These kits are beautifully molded and feature full interior detail as well as flexible treads, many operating features and very detailed crew members that can be posed in almost any position. Never started. #Factory sealed bag or inventoried 100% complete with all #parts, decals and #instructions. $69.00

above: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection HiRes! also FREE!

above: NEW! Upper: MedRes! M4 weapons   Right: HiRes! Diorama M4 "Al Capone"
above: New: HiRes! M4A3 #maquette: 'Land Lease' for Soviet troops.   below: NEW! NoHigher!
above: NEW! HiRes! M4A3 Sherman, 1943 Tunisia. Hungarian tank modeller; Leslie John Szűcs László János scale 1 : 35 maquette.

above: NEW! HiRes! Sexy Pin-Up Girl Erin on M4  source: Google: Bányiczki Zoltán's album

above: NEW+! MedRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect from  TAMIYA    1982 Catalogue (Crop)  Militär - Fahrzeuge R/C Scale 1:16

Tamiya 1/16th scale radio controlled M4 Sherman tank

Review date: 14 September 1999.
Last modified 03-Dec-2011.
Model tanks are, on the face of it, a cool idea. Re-enact your favourite scenes from A #Bridge Too Far, or Saving Private Ryan, or The Beast, or for that matter Kelly's Heroes, in your back yard! Crush your Matchbox cars! Tow a beer trailer! Et cetera!
Unfortunately, the reality of model tanks has often been disappointing. There are little cheap prebuilt ones with rubber tracks that have a hard time negotiating anything but carpet, and there are huge prebuilt ones two people can't carry that cost more than a quite nice car. And then there are build-them-yourself kits made by #Tamiya.
Tamiya is arguably the best scale hobby model company in the world, and they've been making #1/16th #scale #R/C tanks, on and off, for ages. Tamiya make a lot of R/C gear that may not be as fast or as tough as other options, but looks so much like the real thing that only the antenna and the body clips give the game away. Install an under-body antenna and Velcro or some other hidden body-mounting method and a Tamiya #model can be spookily realistic.
As gorgeous display models with some mobility, the Tamiya tanks were always pretty cool. But their (perfectly scale) tracks were known for fragility, and their drive system was nothing special. It used a single 540 motor (the same plastic-endbell thin-can 27 turn single wind motor used in umpteen cordless power tools) and a quite complex dual-clutch-and-brake transmission that allows the one motor to drive either track, or both. The complex transmission robs power, the motor speed controller is a jerky three-step mechanical job, and the design doesn't let both tracks turn in opposite directions, for pirouette turns; the best it can manage is stopping one track and driving the other. This, of course, is also the best that most real tanks can manage, but the heck with that; why not get better from your model!
And so the only option for someone who wanted a durable toy tank was one of the large-scale monsters. These big boys usually come from Italy or Russia or similar homes of skilled artisans and unpopular armies. But large scale tanks, while good, are not just impractically huge (three feet long!), but also stupidly expensive. You can get a reasonable used #BMW for the price of a large scale gas powered #Tiger tank. It'll impress the heck out of your friends, which is good because you'll probably need a couple of them to help you get it out of the car, but it's nonetheless not a sensible toy. Large scale tanks are well over the sanity line.
The obvious solution for flexible track drive is dual motors, one driving each track, but that's not as simple as it seems. You might think you could just have independent throttle control for each track, and two fore-and-aft joysticks for control, one for each side. But this makes it close to impossible to drive straight at less than full speed, and also means you need a special radio; two-stick two-channel R/C transmitters are common and cheap, but none of them come stock with both sticks set for fore-and-aft operation, and most cheapies can't have their sticks rotated.
Tamiya have, finally, solved the problem with their T-01 Dual Motor Drive (DMD) Control Unit, a handy-dandy combination signal mixer and twin motor speed control that lets a plain two channel radio drive a tank. The new speed controller comes as part of their current tank kits, and it makes them a real option. They're still not cheap, but they're far cheaper than large scale tanks. So I bought one - an M4 Sherman.

above: NEW! Exciting RC tank modeller in action.

aboveNEWNoHigher! Coming a Para-Tandem guest in Jumpsuit by fashion designer #Ralph #Lauren 2015  photo: Northphoto  source: Slim Paley

Ralph Lauren (né Lifshitz; born October 14, 1939) is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. He has also become well known for his collection of rare automobiles, some of which have been displayed in museum exhibits. Lauren stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of the company in September 2015 but remains the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. As of 2018, Forbes estimates his wealth at $7.2 billion, which makes Ralph Lauren the 91st richest person in America.  ...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Lauren

above: HiRes! some M4 tank #crews had their laughs as they trained at USA '#Fort Knox'-#Kentucky

above: New! NoHigher! from Left 2nd; USA armor crew with M4 75 mm #ammo.

below Three: NEW! NoHigher! Military Miniatures TAMIYA scale 1:35 U.S. Army's Tank Crew.

Tamiya Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of plastic model kits,radio controlled electric and nitro-powered car models, battery- and solar-powered educational models, and sailboat models. The company was founded by Shunsaku Tamiya in Shizuoka, Japan in the early 1960s. The company has gained a reputation among hobbyists of producing models of outstanding quality and accurate scale detail. Some of their most notable products include: radiocontrol.wikia.com/wiki/Tamiya_Corporation

Tamiya Incorporated (株式会社タミヤ Kabushiki gaisha Tamiya?) is a Japanese manufacturer of plastic model kits,radio controlled cars, battery- and solar-powered educational models, sailboat models, acrylic and enamel model paints, and various modeling tools and supplies. The company was founded by Yoshio Tamiya in Shizuoka, Japan in 1946.
The metal molds were produced from plans which had the concept of being "easy to understand and build, even for beginners". Even the box art was consistent with this throughout the company. In the same vein as everybody being able to build the models, they made the parts accurate and with a high degree of detail.

The company has gained a reputation among hobbyists of producing models of outstanding quality and accurate scale detail, a philosophy reflected directly on the company's motto, "First in Quality Around the World". Tamiya Inc. has also been awarded on a regular basis each year, the prestigious Modell des Jahres (Model of the Year) award, hosted by the German magazine Modell Fan.
株式会社タミヤ(TAMIYA INC. )は、静岡県静岡市に本社を置く模型・プラモデルメーカー。世界有数[1]の総合模型メーカーである。旧社名は「株式会社田宮模型」[2]。
艦艇、飛行機、AFV、車などのプラモデル、ラジコン・ミニ四駆・ダンガンレーサーといった可動模型、「楽しい工作シリーズ」といった工作用パーツ類・キット[3][注 1]、プラバンなどの素材、塗料・エアブラシ・コンプレッサーなどの塗装道具と模型に関連する広範囲の商品を扱っている。

above: NEW! NoHigher! wwii: Girls at a South Eastern Command munitions factory preparing shells for use 75mm?
above: NEW+! HiRes! Brittany Jane in WW2 US Army 2nd Armored Division-Hell on Wheels- uniform  photo: James Garvin 2015: https://www.facebook.com/james.garvin.58  source: Hungarian Google G+ Collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Expert
 above: NEW: HiRes BiG!
above: NEW! HiMedRes!

above: NEW! MedRes! M4 Crew (model) US Army Third Armoured Division "Old Ironside"

below: NEW! HiRes! Know-How for Marmon can Mobile Drink-bar Source - Újítás az italforráshoz (croppedHadikultúra és Military Fesztivál Kunszállás 2017. https://www.facebook.com/hmfest.hu/

Movie: Fury. - Harag.

below: NEW! #Brad Pitt actor in the New #Hollywood #movie the '#Fury'  ('Düh' - "#Harag").

We've seen Brad Pitt on the set of World War II drama "Fury" before, but now he's in full uniform, with his newly shorn hair out there for all to see. Pitt and Shia LaBeouf play American soldiers with a tank dubbed "Fury" taking on one final mission inside #Nazi Germany. In June, the cast even trained with a tank crew at the military's National Training Center in Fort Irwin, Calif. According to Britain's #Daily Mirror, Pitt also met with a 90-year-old British ex-tank crewman who answered all the actor's questions about wartime life with the giant machines.
Veteran Peter Comfort told the Mirror that the #film company has asked his regiment, the Light Dragoons, "if there were any old boys left," and then put him in touch with Pitt, who "was very nice."
Also starring in the film along with Pitt and LaBeouf is Scott Eastwood, the 27-year-old son of Hollywood legend Clint, who earned plenty of attention recently for a studly pictorial in Town & Country magazine.
Fury, written and directed by David Ayer (End of Watch), is a highly intense, very real and extremely personal look at war and the family that can get you through it. It’s April 1945 and army sergeant Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and its five-man crew. Outnumbered and outgunned, the men face overwhelming odds in their attempts to strike back at Nazi #Germany. The film also stars Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal and Jason Isaacs.
At the film’s press day, filmmaker David Ayer spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about how the final film compares to what he had originally envisioned, how the first visual image was always the opening that he wanted, that his first cut of the movie was almost four hours long, that there will be some deleted scenes on the Blu-ray, but that this is his director’s cut, that this was his ending, as written, and why he wanted the actors to so deeply immerse themselves in their roles. He also talked about how he’s at his strongest when he’s written the script that he’s directing, the possibility of him doing a female-centric story, Suicide Squad, and more. Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.
Note: this interview was done before the confirmation that Ayer would be directing Suicide Squad for DC/WB.

above: Brad Pitt & His wife Angelina Jolie (#John #Voight actor's daughter) and below: NEW! MedRes! star actress of #Hollywood #actress and    below: about Pitt #portrait #comics

above: Hungarian #Movie #Poster - Magyar Mozi Plakát HiRes!

Hu. text: #Columbia #Pictures végre bemutatta az első teljes előzetesét David Ayer író-rendező epikusnak ígérkező háborús filmjéhez, valamint egy, a főszerepet játszó Brad Pitt-et középpontba helyező poszter is napvilágot látott. A filmet október 24-én a britek láthatják először, magyar bemutatóról egyelőre nem szól a fáma. A Fury remek szereposztással bír, Pitt mellett Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman (á lá Percy Jackson) és az egyre felkapottabb Jon Bernthal is feltűnik benne.
A Harag címet kapta, és a nemzetközi premierrel egyidőben, október 23-án érkezik a hazai mozikba a Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lermanés Jon Bernthal főszereplésével készült II. világháborús film. A rendező David Ayer (Az utolsó műszak, Szabotázs)
A People magazinenak köszönhetőn két új kép érkezett a Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena és Jon Bernthal főszereplésével készült Fury háborús filmhez, ami 2014. november 14-én kerül bemutatásra az amerikai mozikban.
Tartalom: Egy tank, öt bátor katona, egy véres háború utolsó napjai. David Ayer rendező testközelbe hozza a golyózáporokkal, bombázásokkal, hősies akciókkal teli csatákat, amely felejthetetlen moziélményt nyújt. A tank fülkéjében olyan tehetséges színészek foglalnak helyet, mint Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Brenthal. A HARAG október 23-tól a mozikban.
Az 1945. áprilisában játszódó sztoriban egy harcedzett Wardaddy becenevet kapott őrmester (Pitt) Sherman tankjával és 5 fős csapatával végzetes küldetésre indul az ellenséges vonalak mögé…A történet a II. világháború végén, 1945. áprilisában játszódik az európai hadszíntéren. A harcedzett őrmester, Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) Sherman tankjával és annak 5 fős legénységével egy halálos küldetést teljesítenek az ellenséges vonalak mögött. Kétségbeejtő túlerővel szemben és a munícióból kifogyva készülnek hősies erőfeszítések árán egy utolsót döfni a náci Németország szívébe.
1945 áprilisában, pár héttel a II. világháború befejezése előtt a szövetségesek egyre jobban visszaszorítják az ellenséges csapatokat az európai hadszíntéren. Itt, a náci Németország kellős közepén állomásozik Don Collier őrnagy (Brad Pitt), becenevén Wardaddy és csapata. A Német Birodalom a végét járja. A katonák a végkimerültség határán állnak, az utolsó leheletükkel küzdenek az életben maradásért, és a németek által elfoglalt területek visszahódításáért. Ebben a kimerítő, ám reményteli időszakban csatlakozik a fiatal újonc, David (Logan Lerman) Wardaddy négy fős legénységéhez, akik Sherman típusú tankjukkal vonulnak a túlerőben levő ellenséges csapatok ellen. A kétségbeesett ifjú katona számára teljesen ismeretlen terep mind a harctér, mind pedig a Harag elnevezésű, hatalmas tank fedélzete. A harckocsi edzett, tapasztalt parancsnoka, Wardaddy szárnyai alá veszi a fiút, hogy megtanítsa neki mindazt, amivel túlélheti a háború borzalmait, és beilleszkedhet a jól összeszokott csapatba (Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal). Az ötfős legénység tisztában van vele, hogy nem sok esélye maradt a több száz fős német sereggel szemben. De bízva tankjuk védelmező erejében, harci tapasztalatukban és egymásba vetett hitükben, ádáz támadásba lendülnek. 1945 áprilisában, pár héttel a II. világháború befejezése előtt a szövetségesek egyre jobban visszaszorítják az ellenséges csapatokat az európai hadszíntéren. Itt, a náci Németország kellős közepén állomásozik Don Collier őrnagy (Brad Pitt), becenevén Wardaddy és csapata. A #Német Birodalom a végét járja. A katonák a végkimerültség határán állnak, az utolsó leheletükkel küzdenek az életben maradásért, és a németek által elfoglalt területek visszahódításáért.
David Ayer, Az utca királyai és Az utolsó műszak rendezője szívvel-lélekkel dolgozott legújabb háborús filmjén: az előkészületek alatt rengeteg veteránnal és hadi tanácsadóval beszélt, meglátogatta az eredeti helyszíneket, számtalan dokumentumfilmet nézett végig, hogy olyan hitelesen és valósághűen mutathassa meg a II. világháborút lezáró csatákat, ahogy eddig még sosem láthattuk mozivásznon. Színészei, Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Brenthal egy hetes kemény kiképzésen vettek részt a forgatások kezdete előtt, sárban csúsztak-másztak, és megtanulták, hogyan kell egy igazi Sherman tankot kezelni. Ízig-vérig realisztikus alkotást készített David Ayer, amely a látványos akciók mellet olyan moziélményt nyújt a nézőknek, amit eddig még sosem éltek át.
above: NEW! HiRes! M4 commander #Brad-Pitt in "Fury"

above: bottom two HiRes!
above: NoHigher!
above: NoHigher! Brad Pitt and german movie actress; #Alicia von #Rittberg

above: Top two: HiRes! R.: Shia LaBeouf  below: Movie Poster - #Mozi poszter MedRes!
Igaz jó írás csak az őrnagy az főtörzsőrmester (staff sergeant - B. Pitt)  http://index.hu/index2/#bloghu/filmbook/2014/10/22/harag_667

FURY Sherman VS Tiger   

above: NEW! MedRes! "The His Girlfriend" (Juci'bacsi's added panties)
above: NEW! Fury graphic HiRes!  source#Pinterest

above: New pic! The reserve #actress for crew's replacement. #Mihalik #Enikő word famous Hungarian #fashion & #photomodel - divat és #fotómodell from '#Victoria's Secret' fashion firma

above: NEW! NoHigher#Body Building Musclewomen with M4's #track support roller
below: NEW! Movie; #Battle of the Bulge' - "A halál 50 órája" monstre háborús mozifilm.
above: MedRes#General #Patton at Bastogne with M4 'Sherman' - graphic
Szereplők: Henry #Fonda, Charles #Bronson, Telly #Savalas, Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan, Dana Andrews 

below: Movie#Kelly's Heroes - "Kelly hősei" #Clint #Eastwood & #Donald #Shutherland

above: NEW! painting: #Bastogne (#Battle of Bulge)

M4 #Commander '#Marvel Bug' - "Csodabogár"-Donald Sutherland - Movie: "Kelly's heroes"

above: NEW! MedRes! The "Kelly's M4's crewmembers  en.wikipedia.org/Kelly-Heroes_cast
above: NEW! MedRes! Kelly's M4 tank   source: http://www.bingapis.com/images
aboveNEWNoHigher! comparison of effective fire range
above: NEW! MedRes! Tank Size Comparison Chart by Sanity-x.deviantart.com

below: NEW#Machine-Gun #Barbie #doll.  above: NEW!


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