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112.) Tank (MBT) modern Fire Control System (FCS) - Panzer Feuerlicht - Harckocsi Tűzvezető Rendszerek _ Gunsight - Irányzékok - Прицел

Tank (MBT) modern Fire Control System (FCS) - Panzer Feuerlicht - Harckocsi Tűzvezető Rendszerek - Gunsight - Irányzékok - Прицел (Htka.hu)

Refreshed! to-112%-26.06.2018.-Regulated+++++++++++++
above: HiRes! M1 'Abrams" Fire Control devices & optical, thermal sight.
above: HiRes! FCS' Ballistic processing Unit's Ctrl. Panel of M1
aboveHiRes! : gunnery's sight - 

above: two NEW Pics! Left; HiRes BiG! M1's FCS-Ballistic computer circuit box - right, Gunner's optics
NoHigherabove: NEW+! Main parts of  US Army, USMC 'Chrysler'/GDLS M1 "Abrams" desert variant tank   below: NEW! Colored cross section
 above: HiRes! M1 Line Drawing
above: NEW pic
above Two: upper: HiRes Big! Boresight control - bottom: Gun refrence-hurl optical collimator
 above & below: NEW Pics! M1 gun reference hole-point and below; bore inclination adjusting crew, at IDF 'Merkava' and Bundeswehr M-60A2.   glamour.com

above: new three drawings! MedRes! Schema of  Fume extractor of barrel
above: NEW+! MedRes! Jucibacsi's scan collect: Hu. text: Haditechnika - Military Technics review from 1980's: M1 "Abrams"
above: HiRes! M1 gunnery station
aboveNEW Pics! Juci'bacsi's dia/slide scanned collection from 1980's: M1 gunner  also FREE!
below Five: MedRes! Mix & Power-Point Presentation slides
above: new!
above: Juci'bacsi's dia/slide copy-scanned coll.: NEW Pics!  M1 TPCS source: Tanks book 1978.
aboveNEW+NoHigher!  Juci'bacsi's  ORWO Dia/Slide Repro copy DDR VEB PENTACON 'Praktica' FX.2 collect from early1980's: 'Soldat und Technik'; at Hu. MoD Military Science Library of Institute & Museum of Military History in Budapest in Budaer castle - HM HIM Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum Hadtudományi Könyvtár, (Dr. Nádor Ferenc ezds. könyvtárvezető OI.M.) I. ker. Kapisztrán-tér - square 2-4.  M1 commander sight
NoHigherabove:  NEW Pics!  M1 turret gunnery's workplace.   below: NEW+!
A fire-control system is a number of components working together, usually a gun data computer, a director, and radar, which is designed to assist a weapon system in hitting its target. It performs the same task as a human gunner firing a weapon, but attempts to do so faster and more accurately. ...
A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the armor-protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies. Cold war era development of more powerful engines, better suspension systems and lightweight composite armour allowed a tank to have the firepower of a super-heavy tank, armor protection of a heavy tank, and mobility of a light tank all in a package with the weight of a medium tank. Through the 1960s, the MBT replaced almost all other tanks, leaving only some specialist roles to be filled by lighter designs or other types of armoured fighting vehicles.
Today, main battle tanks are considered a key component of modern armies. Modern MBTs seldom operate alone, as they are organized into armoured units which involve the support of infantry, who may accompany the MBTs in infantry fighting vehicles. They are also often supported by surveillance or ground-attack aircraft. ...
Основной боевой танк (ОБТ) — термин в современной иностранной классификации танков, обозначающий боевую машину — многоцелевой танк, сочетающий высокую огневую мощь и хорошиезащищённость и подвижность, заменивший «среднепушечный» и «тяжёлопушечный», то есть ранниепехотные и кавалерийские танки и применяемый в пехоте (моторизированной (механизированной) пехоте) и броневых и танковых войсках (бронетанковых войсках, БТВ).
В англоязычной терминологии — Main battle tank (MBT), в бронетанковых войсках. Также в англоязычной терминологии применяются термины «battle tank» (боевой танк) и «universal tank» (универсальный танк).
В германоязычной терминологии применяется термин Kampfpanzer (сокращенно KPz), который дословно можно перевести на русский язык как «боевой танк».
В России (как и ранее в Советском Союзе) в танковых войсках (ТВ) применяется термин Основной танк ...

above: NEW! NoHigher! Diagram of FCS
aboveMedRes! Princip of "Shilelagh" ATGM control
above: diagram of M1's Gun - TurretGyro Stabilizator System
Main Control Panel of Tank M60A3
above: HiRes! M1 Main Central Control Panel of Commander - Fő kezelő Panel
above: HiRes! M1 commanders control box panel
above: M1A-2 "Abrams"  below: NEW pics!: Tubarose

aboveNew! The Danish Lego assembly system toy USA M1 'Abrams' Main Battle Tank

above: NEW+! NoHigher! The Pokémon's (Nintendo) Tank Pants Basic card by M1

above: NoHigher! Prinzip of horizontal stabilization
above: gun stabilizer princip
belowNEW!: Juci'bacsi's book scanned pics: about "Tanks and Armor's troop" 'Zrínyi' kiadó 1982- publisher.

belowNEW!: Juci'bacsi's book scanned pics: about "Tanks and Armor's troop" 'Zrínyi' kiadó 1982- publisher
above: Main Battle Tank- MBT-70 (USA - GFR common development) it was stay planned
aboveNEW Pics! MedRes! MBT-70 american-germany development
above: NEW pic: MedRes! Juci'bacsi's dia/slide scanned collection: BW. M47 'Patton' cmdr's cupola with optics. 'Soldat und Technik' review from HM HIM  Mil. Science - Hadtudományi Library, (Lib. Leader. was: Col Dr. Nádor Ferenc ezds. Könyvtárvezető)
above @ below: NEW: NoHigherMoshe Dajan IDF monocular tank sniper gunner -  below: MedRes! M48 'Patton' - IDF's M60 in Palestinian Gasa corridor. The press photo of the year 1990-2000s??
above: NEW Gif pic: M60 rodeo
above: HiResBig! M60A2 with 105 mm gun
above @ below: NEW pic: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection from center of 1970's: M60A2 NoHi!
above: NEW+! MedRes!  Juci'bacsi scan collect: Turkish M60A2

above: NEW: NoHigher! M60 Laser rangefinder

above: four M60A2's turret NEW Pics! HiRes!

above: NEW Pics! M60A3's:Left: FCS processing Unit Box and right the turret direction gauge - Right: Commander's optics with common rangefinder mass
above: HiRes! M60 FCS Ballistic Computer Processing Unit Box Panel (CPU)

above two: other similar FCS panels: left: HiRes! air weapon ctr.l panel - right: HiRes!  field arty  M109  SPH's FCS - Ballistic Computer control panel at gunnery.
above: new! HiRes! M60A2 on Bovington Tankfest

above: new!! M-60A3 barrel - rohr adjusment by female crew - csőbeszabályozás a női személyzet által

above: NEWNoHigherUsing of live fire camo - A tereptarka éles használata: töltényhevedernek-cartridges belt & Body-Builder armor crewmember of 'Chrysler' M60A3 "Patton" U.S. MBT (Main Battle Tank) - FCsT (Fő Csata Tank-harckocsi - fő/alapharckocsi - Ru.: osnovnoy tank)

above: M60 MBT (Main Battle Tank) 1970-'80s mix
above: New pic! Traffic-Guide Girl  in front of M60

above: NEW+! NoHigher! '#Leatherman' Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet and Watch in Black Swiss

above: two NEW pic: HiRes Big! M48 'Patton' real turret cutaway. On side the ball is objective of coincidence rangefinder
aboveNEWMedRes! M48 stereo rangefinder - sztereótávmérő
Below: short history of calculator

above right: Rheinmetal calculator  below right: HiRes Big! mechanical calculator

above: Left: M24 "Chaffee" comander's optical system - Right: periscope theory

aboveNEW+NoHigher! The Periscopic effect demonstration "Hightower" ideal Tank-crew size & shape tallGirl

above: NEW! Left: MedRes! Periscopic Schematics   Right: MedRes! Periscopic Binocular
above: optical sight's reticle
above: STRV-103 Stridsvagn gunsight reticle
above: NEW! NoHigher! English "Chieftan"s gunnery reticle
above & below: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan coll: "Chieftain" MBT's FCS from British 'Barr & Stroud': Search, Range, Fire!
above: No Higher! British "Conqueror" heavy Tank commander cupola with rangefinder objective
above: NoHigher! "Standby" cmdr's navigation sight
above: HiRes! diagram of ballistic trajectory's theory
above: New: NoHigh! Soviet killed heavy tank KV-I. by solid armor piercing shells' impacts.
above & below: NEW! HiRes! Soviet Armor Piercing shells
above: NEW! NoHigher! Impact effects of shell tipes
above: Juci'bacsi's dia/slide scanned-copy collection: shell types' impact effect. The resistance of  'Cobham' system armor. also FREE!  source: Armor Magazin 1970s NEW Pics!
above & below: NEW pic: 'Merkava' (Israeli) turret inside at gunnery's position

above: NEW! NoHigher! Israeli IDF "Merkava" gunner with covered joystick

above: NEW! MedRes! also large lens from japanese 'Canon' EF Zoom lens teleobjective
above mixHiRes! Tank's Turret Angle Indicators. bottom: NEW! MedRes! Centurion's cutaway model.
above & below: NEW+MedRes! TAMIYA scale 1:25 "Centurion" MBT cutaway model

 above Two & below One! NEW! NoHigher! Bovington Tank Museum: Centurion turret real cutaway   below: NEW! MedRes! photo: ret. Field-Miss. artillery Lt. Col. Salgó "Arty-Man" Béla nyá.alez. Rak.Táb.tü. szakértő  also courtesy FREE!

above: NEW! NoHigher! Centurion rider girl  source: www.mellbimbo.eu
NEW+! above NoHigher! & below: KMW & Rheinmetal Leopard-1 MBT

above: MedRes! from Hu. Haditechnikai Szemle - Militrary Technic Review  early 1970's
above & below: Turkish Aselsan company  lisensed KMW Leopard-1 FCS   below: MedRes!  NEW!
above: Türkish Gunner in Leopard
above: NEW+! MedRes! Leopard-1 the turret of the Leopard-1A5 absent Rangefinder optic  by: Luc de Jaeger

above: NEW+! HiRes! Leopard-1 cutaway - schnitt-zeichen - röntgen metszet

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Leopard-1A2 profiles

above: New! KMW Leopard-1 Right: HiRes!    below: Leo-1 www.defencetalk.com
above: NEW+! NoHigher! Richtshütze und Kommander - Gunner & Commander
above: NEW+! MedRes! Leo-1 Gunner, skytters_plass  source: Scandinavian Armour -  www.Haalamo.info
above: New! MedRes! Real demo cutaway 105 mm Rheinmetal barrel of gun    below:  NoHigherLeft: KDT optic   Right: Peri R12
above & below: NEW Pics!: Leopard-1 Telescopic Gunsight, bottom: Coincidental Rangefinder
NEW! NoHigher! Schema of Coincidental Rangefinder    below: 'Leica' camera coinc system
 above: NEW! NoHigher! Optical princip - elvek
DSzP-30 Combat Engineer Rangefinder - ДСП-30 Дальномер САПЕРНЫЕ прибор: 
above: New! Upper: MedRes! Turret simulator,   Bottom: MedRes! Gunnery equipments: Leopard-1A5 Richtschützenplatz GNUFDL Sicherlich     below: NEW+! NoHigher! NL
NEW+! NoHigher! above & below: Leopard-1 Chauffeur

above: NEW Pics!: Left: Juci'bacsi's slide scanned coll.: cmdr.EMES - Right: TEM-2a strichbild 3it's reticle with range marker

above: four NEW Pics!: top Left: gunsight reticle - Right: Leopard-1A5 gunnery's workplace - bottom: EMES reticle.     
above: NEW! NoHigher! IR gunner's right eye  -  
above: NEW+! MedRes! Leopard-1A4 MBT    
above: NEW+! HiRes! Italian 'Italeri' model Leopard-2A4
En. text: Italeri Incorporated is an Italian manufacturer of plastic scale models of airplanes, military vehicles, helicopters, ships, trucks, and cars. The company was founded in 1962 by Giuliano Malservisi and Gian Pietro Parmeggiani to produce accurate scale model kits with attention to detail.
It. text: La Italeri è un'azienda italiana produttrice di modellini in plastica di aeroplani, mezzi militari, elicotteri, navi, camion, automobili e action figures.  ...
above & below: NEW pic!: HiRes!  Österreiche Heer's KMW Leopard-2A4Ö - bottom: Juci'bacsis slide/dia scanned collect.:
above: Hi Res Big! KMW Leopard-2 cutaway
above: New! Juci'bacsi slide/dia scanned collection: HiRes! source: Wehrtecnik 1980
above: KMW Leopard-2A1 main parts
below: left: 120mm smooth barrel gun reference system's collimator 

above: NEW Pics!: Rheinmetal 120 mm smooth barrel - glattrohr  main weapon with inklination marker optic. also FREE!
above & below: schema of Leopard-2A1 FCS

below: NEW: Juci'bacsi dia scan coll.: schema of FCS. source: Wehrtechnik 1975s
above: diagram of KMW Leopard-2A5-6 new generation FCS

Hu. text: Leopard-2 Felszereltség, tűzvezetés, tájékozódás, FCS

A vezető a harckocsi orrában, a középvonaltól kissé jobbra ül. Munkáját három periszkóp segíti, melyből a középső lecserélhető infravörös éjjellátóval ellátott periszkópra, a vezető ülése alatt található egy vészkijárat is. A toronyban jobb elülső oldalán foglal helyet az irányzó, mögötte és kicsivel felette a parancsnok. A töltőkezelő pedig a lövegtől balra foglal helyet. A küzdőtér mögött található a motortér, ahol az MTU MB 873 Ka-501 típusú 47,6 literes, V-12-es turbófeltöltős Diesel-motor található. Az egész rendszert elektromos felügyeleti és hibaérzékelő rendszerrel is ellátták, amely bármilyen meghibásodás esetén a sofőr előtti panelen jelez. A korai változatok még AEG-Telefunken FLT2 analóg tűzvezető rendszert használtak, amiket a később Krupp-Atlas EMES-15 digitális rendszerrel váltottak fel (az első kétszáz Leopard 2 esetében ideiglenesen PZB200 – nem infravörös, hanem fényerősítő elven működő éjjellátó – került beépítésre, mivel akkor még nem készült el az EMES-15.). E módosítás következtében mozgás közben, egyenetlen terepen mozgó célpontokat is nagyobb eredményességgel támadhatnak. A pontos célzáshoz öt adat szükségeltetik: a cél távolsága és sebessége, a saját harckocsi sebessége, dőlésszöge és a lőszer típusa. A találat esélye egyforma mind menetben, mind álló helyzetben. Az EMES 15 mellett van egy tartalék célzóberendezést beszeretek. A FERO-Z18, amely 8x nagyítással rendelkezik, a löveg mellett, jobbra található. A parancsnok egy független PERI-R 17 A2 panoráma periszkópot kapott, amely 360°-os látószöggel és 2x vagy 8x nagyítással, éjjellátó üzemmóddal és célpont azonosító funkcióval is rendelkezik. E periszkóp, melyet a Rheinmetall Defence Electronics és Zeiss Optronik GmbH szállít, segítségével, szűkség esetén, a parancsnok átveheti az irányzó feladatkörét is. A parancsnok mögött, a torony baloldali, hátsó részén helyezték el a SEM25 / 35 rádiót.

above: NEW! NoHigher! Headmirror
above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's slide coll: made of  'Leitz Wetzlar' - 'Leica' PERI from early 1980s

below: KMW - Münich Leopard-2A4 Peri R14 commander's sight

above: MedRes! Schema of Leopard-2 FCS
above: NEW!: NoHigh! PERI commander's panoramic and it's connect to gunsight. below: also
above: MedRes! Left: Courtesy: Eyk Neider

above: NEW+! MedRes! KMW Leopard-2A5A1 GAS Sabot reticle in symulator game

above: four NEW Pics: Reticle vision of PERI R17. - bottom Upper: gunsight reticle HiRes!  Lower: NoHigher! PERI IR mode
aboveNEWNoHigher! She is an Night IR Gunner-master  source: Pinterest.com
aboveNEW! Leopard-2A7 Commander Mission Display

above: NEW! MedRes! see OrigSize! Welder tank Gunnery's watch for NVG-FLIR

above: NEW! NoHigher! Austrian Army HEER's KMW Leopard-2A4Ö   Pinterest
above: NEW! NoHigher! Photocamera: ROLLEIFLEX 2.8 GX Edition TLR - Twin Lens Reflex
Rolleiflex is the name of a long-running and diverse line of high-end cameras originally made by the German companyFranke & Heidecke, and later Rollei-Werk. ...
MedRes! above: Gunnery's demaged optics    below: PERI
above: NoHigher! KMW Leopard-2A5 top of turret with PERI and tcmdr. / loader hatch
above & below: NEW! Juci'bacsi's scanned collection: HiRes! My early design skeetch of General Purpose Panorama Periscope by >Hungarian (MOM) made< (of' course) from 1973.
above: NEW! MedRes! Photocamera objective Zeiss 15f2_8Distagon cutaway
Austrian Army's Leopard-2A4Ö   also FREE!
above: Juci'bacsi's two photos: HiRes! I was guest as a MATASz - VeMSz vice president with president ret. Col. Csatti-Kovex at Österreiche Officier Geselschaft - Nieder Ö. invitation of OG.NÖ-I group at  Mautern, Österreiche Heer 3.PzGranBrig (Panzergranadier Brigade's) kaserne in summer of 2005. during the exercise.
above: Hi Res! OG-NÖ-I, prof-Dr. (Ph.D) ret. Col. Heinz Gerger vicepresident, ret. Col. Prix secretary (IM), ret. Lt. Col. György Ivánfalvy MATASz german translator, ret. Gen. major Günter Hochauer president, ret. Lt - Col. KOVÁCs "Csatti-Kovex" László - 'Laci-apánk' president of MATASz-VeMSz, and ret. avn. Lt.Col. JUHÁSz "Juci'bá' János vice president.

aboveNew! The Danish Lego assembly system toy Germany KMW 'Leopar-2A4 Main Battle Tank

above: NEW: KMW Leopard-2A7

above; New! The true beautiful Germany 'Leopard-2' She is the Word famous fashion & photomodel, Heidi Klum

above: Arjun Indian MBT's gunsight outer objectives  photo by: Kunal Biswas
above: Indian MBT 'Arjun' sight (Hi Res!) and FCS outer equipmenrs & devices   below: MedRes!
The Arjun (Sanskrit: अर्जुन, pronounced [ərˈd͡ʑun] in Classical Sanskrit and pronounced [ərdʒʊn] in Hindi) is athird generation main battle tank developed by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO), for the Indian Army. The tank is named after Arjun, the main protagonist, an archer prince of theIndian epic Mahabharata.

above: NEW! MedRes! Cutaway graphic about French AMX-42 MBT 120 mm gun from 1984.

 aboveNEWMedRes! Juci'bácsi's ORWO/Forte dia-slide repro-photo collection from early 1980's. source: T-72 cutaway from FRG Wehrtechnic?  also Courtesy FREE!
aboveNEWNoHigher! Juci'bácsi's ORWO/Forte dia-slide repro-photo collection from early 1980's. source: FRG 'Soldat und Technik' review: Comparison of T-64 & T-72  also Courtesy FREE!
above: new! MedRes! Soviet Tank periscope from WW Two

above three: Photo: Juci'bácsi: HiRes Big! T-72 TKN-3B commander's sight in BHTA  renovaled collection  also FREE!  
above: NEW! NoHigher! below: NEW pic: NoHigh! T-72 commander looking through the TKN-3B

above left: BMP-3 Pricel     below: NoHigher! 1A43 Sight
above: No Higher! Russian SKAT  commander's pricel - Прицел   below: NEW! NoHigher! Gunsight 1P3-7
Hu. MOM's KM-1 D-944 PSzH Kettősműködésű irányzék -  APC's Dual mode IR sight:   http://szextant.blogspot.hu/2018/01/209-km-1-kettosmukodesu-iranyzek-mom-41.html
above: Gunnery Simulation System
 above three: HiRes Big! shematics Russian fire control procedures and below too: TKN cmdr's sight
above: NEW: Periscopic Panorama Gunsight with 'Dove' prism in Soviet T-34-76B in early WW-two
above: periscope principal - below: very symple - smart Standby periscopes

NoHigherabove: NEW! Russian T-80 TPDK tank sight reticle with outer-base rangefinder markers: 4 = 1500m   below: Stadia rangemarker  source: tankograd.ru
aboveHiRes! Russian T-72 gunnery's devices and Turret Direction Angle Indicator
above: newNoHigher! T-72's turret traversal / horizontal drive device
above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's scanned collection: cross section of T-55  source: from 1974 my planner book
above: No Higher! T-55 turret
belov: left: HiRes Big! T-62 gunnery - right: HiRes!

above: NEW: Reticle of Ts2B telescopic gunsight of  T-55   Right: NEW!
above: NEW! NoHigher! Optics schema
above: NEW! NoHigher! Pzkpfw-VI 'Tiger' TZF binocular Zielfernrohr
NEW! MedRes!  above: TSh-16     below: TSh-2B gunsight  T-54/55
above: NEW! NoHigher! TS zielfernrohr

above: NEW! NoHigher! Canon EOS-1 cutaway artwork

above: HiRes BiG! T-72's TPD-K1 gunsights at Hungarian MOD "Currus" Armory Maintenance Company near Budapest at Gödöllő   http://www.currus.hu/
aboveNoHigher!  Gunnery's working view in T-72
above: New pics! NoHigher! TPD-K1 gunsight of T-72
aboveNEWHiRes! T-80U Sight & IR scope & Turret angle gauge
above: HiRes Big! Similar field arty gunsight system 2Sz1 "Gvozdhika" 122 mm SPH PG-2M at "Currus" - Gödöllő -near Budapest in Hu.
above: NEW Pic! No Higher! T-72 / 80 modernisated FCS

above two: Left: No Higher! Right: Normal! PG-2M  Прицел SPH 152 mm MCTA (MSzTA)

above: NEW! 1PN-22M1 IR gunsight - Infra-Rot Zielfernrohr   below: 1G42 Zielfernrohr-Entfernungmesser - Gunsight & Rangefinder

above: NoHigher! Gyrostabilizer electronic block
Do You understand? Modernisated 2Э42-4 in 2010 have whorse values (twice worse...) then "old" WNA-H22 from Leopard-2A4.
Even for this one reson (two times more accurate stabilization mechanisms in Leopard-2 then in T-72BA) accuracy will be bigger in Leopard-2 then in T-72BA...
In fact accuracy in T-72Ba will be ----ed up like in polish PT-91 when FCS Drawa was placed but nobody changes stabilization mechanisms And the result was better FCS which did not affect of the accuracy becouse stabilization mechanisms was not enough accurate and can't use beter dates from new FCS.
2) FCS in both tanks:
What have "new" FCS in T-72BA and didn't have FCS from Leopard-2? In Leopard-2A4 FCS RPP-1-8 have all this function (but 25 yers elyier...)
All from that:
Установка этого комплекса повышает эффективность стрельбы за счет поправок на следующие параметры:
- боковую составляющую ветра;
- температуру воздуха;
- атмосферное давление;
- износ канала ствола;
- относительную скорость перемещения цели;
- учета индивидуальных углов вылета и баллистики всех типов и индексов снарядов. Have RPP-1-8 -of course without some details.
But T-72BA havent one very important modern FCS component - where is panoramic commander's sight : wide, moving 360 degrees, stabilized?
In fact T-72BA is not able to fighting whit Hunter-Killer mod, what now is absolutely a key determinant of tanks FCS. In fact the comander in T-72BA is just blind if he dosn't use hatches becouse he havn't panoramic commander's sight. And he can forgot about Hunter-Killer mode.
And this is modern FCS and better then RPP-1-8? Poor joke.
T-72BA also due to FCS is able to fire guided rounds with ranges up to 5km. And what? It's not useful in typical Europe terrain. Maybe on some flat desert in Asia. But not in Poland, Belarus, Germany, etc.
In Germany max. fire range is 2000m.
In Poland 96% direct fire range is 1500m
Thats reson why is lack of GLATGM's in western tanks. It's just stupid when max fire range is 2000m!
Using this all Cobra, Swir and other in Soviet tanks was an attempt to ensure guite good accuracy during moving - becouse whole stabilization mechanisms in soviet tanks not allwed to accuracy fire beyond 1000-1200m during moved.
(btw: penetration level this all Kobra and Swir in under armour protection vs HEAT provided by Leopard-2 armour. )
It is known fact that potential of gun is proportional to pressure, quadratic product of caliber and lenght. And this is dum as shit sentenses becouse L-44 in M1A2 Abrams using DU M829A3 have better perforations value then most (or even all...) longer guns using other APFSDS round. How You will explain this? Mirracle?
modernised autoloader allowing use of rounds with increased penetrator lenght comparable to DM-63 Leopard round in dimensions. It's not comparable.
whole 740mm lengt mean shorter penetrator - under 700mm (accoding to otvaga.2000 forum members). As I remember Frontanov had wrote about 680mm penetrator lenght.
Older DM-42 have ~670mm penetrator lenght whit whole 691mm lenght Dm63 is longer
ps. about autoloader:
Бронетехника из Нижнего Тагила 12
Ghur Khan post (the last) - so only since 2011 T-72Ba will
 above: HiRes! Diagram of RussianFire Control System
above: NEW! NoHigher! Side view 1G42
above: NEW! HiRes! LOMO made 1G46 sight for T-80/90 - Различные оптико-механически и оптико-электронные приборы военного назначения являются важным направлением производства и НИОКР предприятия. На фото: танковый прицел «Иртыш»
Ru. text: Трижды ордена Ленина Ленинградское оптико-механическое объединение имени В. И. Ленина (АО «ЛОМО́») — российская компания, занимающаяся производством и реализацией оптико-механических и оптико-электронных приборов. Предприятие оптико-механической промышленности Российской империи, СССР и России. Первое оптико-механическое предприятие в Российской империи. Крупнейшее советское оптико-механическое производственно-конструкторское объединение.  ...  https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOMO
En. text: LOMO (Leningradskoye Optiko-Mekhanicheskoye Obyedinenie, Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association), or ЛОМО́ (Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение), is a manufacturer of advanced optical instruments, medical equipment, consumer still and movie cameras, projectors, lenses, film editors, splicers, professional sound recorders for motion-picture production based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The factory is the holder of three Lenin Orders.
Its Lomo LC-A consumer camera was the inspiration for the lomography photographic movement.  ...

above: NEW! NoHigher! T-90 PDPN

 above: NoHigher! T-90 gunner
above: MedRes! T-90 AM, T-90MS FCS
above & below: SAVAN Russian FCS
MedRes! Ballistic Computer
NoHigher! Gunnery Symulator
above: Tos-1A heavy flame thrower 220mm multiple launch rocket FCS
above: NEW! NoHigher! Hi-Tech Gunneryiess

above: NEW: MedRes! Marilyn Monroe Hollywood superstar proffesional T-80UD boresigh t gunner-sniper.   below: NEW: NoHigher! Old Timer Victorians -'Steampunk' tank gunner

above: NEW! Made in Japan: CASIO 'G-Shock' - "Multi Band 6" - "Rangeman Protection"    http://www.casio.bolt.hu/

above: NEWHiRes! Courtesy of "Air Art" Graphics. MOM's style Conception Construction of Juci'bá's mind: "MAM's" product Tank's Attitude & Turret moving indicators as graphic Own's exam artwork  - Egy általam elképzelt MOM stílusú konstrukciók a harckocsi (T-55, T-72) Térbeli mozgáskijelző és a Toronyhelyzetjelző műszerek, mint saját vizsga grafikai alkotások 2013. februárból. FREE pics!
above & below: NEW! MedRes!  Courtesy of "Air Art" Graphics. Juci'bácsi's schematics of princip of Tank's directional control - Vázlat a harckocsik irány szerinti irányításának elméletéről. FREE!

above: most moderne and ergonomy & sophisticated FCS - Remote Control Unit otherwise calmative optical sight.

above: NEW+! NoHigher! The best new FCS from Japanese 'Nintendo' for "Pokémon" live hunting

belowNEWNoHigher! PzKpfw. VI. 'Tiger' original photo with binocular (stereo) TZF sight

Terence Hill (Mario Girotti 1939) - Bud Spencer 'Piedone' (Carlo Pedersoli 1929 - 2016 I.M.)


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