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64.) Műhorizont - Artifical - Künstlicher Horizon VSI Instrument ( AGD-1 ) авиагоризонтов АГД-1 from Mi-8T "Hip" Animated Screen Saver - Juci'bacsi's plan

Műhorizont - Artifical - Künstlicher Horizon VSI Instrument  AGD-1 авиагоризонтов АГД-1 from Mi-8T "Hip" Animated Screen Saver - Juci'bácsi's plan

Refreshed! to-111%- 18+ 15.06.2017.:Regulated++++++++++++

above: Mi-8T AGD-2 Animated Artifical Horizon - Műhorizont Képernyőpihentető animáció by Air Art Graphics

Free Download! Gift from Air Art Graphics 4you. -Ajándék- Screen Saver - Képernyőkímélő ! (ez volt a hívóneve anno 1990 előtt Szentkirályszabadja -LHSA- katonai repülőtérnek "Ajándék" utána lett "Vitorlás").Air Art Grafika

above: Mil Mi-8T cargo helicopter commander - captain pilot left side dashboard with AGD-1 AH
Миль Ми-8 приборная Доска
aboveNEWHiRes! Hungarian Air Force's 10444 Mi-8T commander dashboard -Hungarian text labels- with AGD-1.  I had flown many times on this numbered helicopter at LHSA (Szentkirályszabadja MH. 87th "BakonyHchel.e. On top Right is 'Doppler' DIV Hovering indicator - Lebegési (függési) helyzetjelző.

above: New Pics! Lower two: HiRes!

above: NEW! MedRes! Halle Berry Hollywood star actress with gimbaled earings & duplicated Spherical indicators.

above: NEW+! NoHigher! RITMO Persepolis Dual Time 52.5mm Swiss Made Gimbal Watch

schema   below: NEW!

A műhorizont forgástengelyesi. x, y, z    above: NEW! Right: Rate gyro: Turn & Slip indicator

above: NEW! AGD-2    below: NEW!
above: NEW! NoHigher! "Gyronyca" on rotor

above: NEW! NoHigher! watch-'Döttling' gyrowinders that merely spin in one direction

above: NEW! NoHigher! Swiss made Jacob & Co brand Twin-turbo Twin Triple Axis Turboillon
above: Stearman trainer acf. - middle of Dashboard wit Slip and Turn Indicator
Turn & slip indicator - Csúszás és elfordulás jelző (Gyro)
Gyro rotor of AH in Spitfire

above: NEW! Vacuum (Air Suplly) System for baro and gyro instruments.   below: NEW!

above: NEW! HiRes! WW-Two RAF Vickers "Wellington" I C medium night bomber, pilot dashboard - műszerfal original photo

above: NEW! NoHigher! Elmer Sperry the inventor    below: NEW! MedRes! Sperry medal

above: Old Timer 1930s artifical horizon : 'Sperry' Giroscope Co. INC - USA - NewYork

above: two New Pics!  Right: the same pic changed to bigger! HiResBig!

aboveNEWHiResRightFl.22426 - pneumatischer Horizont ca.1940. Werk-Nr.: 1091837 - frühe Ausführung.  RightFl.Horizonttochter.  PHT/2 Patin Berlin (Bauart Patin)
above: NEWNoHigher! Original North American B-25 "Mitchell" medium bomber
above: NEW! NoHigher! Douglas SBD "Dauntless" NAVY divebomber  A-24A

above: New! NEWMedRes! DC-3/C-47 'Dakota' Li-2 Artifical Horizon of Autopilot

above: three New Pics! bottom: Lisunov Li-2 central instrument panel

above: NoHigher! Label of Autopilot Control Panel from 'Honeywell' Co. USAAF

above: NEW++! HiRes! DC-3 Dakota Norway LN-WND "Warbirds of Norway" foundation, Norwegian Kjeller Airfield close to Oslo East, memorial - Foto: Veteranian AirShow summer of 2014. Canon EOS 60D Photo: Hu. veterany aviator MiG-21 avionics mechaniker: Steve Ürmös István from Hu. Veszprém
above: NEW+! HiResGemma Nicholas Model in the cockpit of USAAF C-47  Photo: Mark Greenmantle  source: Google  Collector: Bányiczki Zoltán
aboveNEW+HiRes! Burlesque dancer Miss Curvella at the controls of the C-47 cockpit at South Australian Aviation Museum   Photo: Mark Greenmantle  source: Google  G+ Hu. Collector: Bányiczki Zoltán
below: NEW! HiRes! In Grumman TBM "Avenger" NAVY's torpedo-launcher & bomber. Bányiczky
NEW! NoHighger! above:  Siebel Si 204 light cargo    below: Dashboard of Si 204
aboveNEWHiResFl.22410-1 - Wendehorizont ca.1943. Hersteller: bxx = Askania Werke AG, Berlin-Friedenau

aboveNEWHiResFl.22411 - Wendehorizont 1945. - frühe Version.
belowNEWHiResFl.22415-1 - Wendehorizont 1942/43 ein sehr frühes Baumuster (siehe Werk-Nr.)! Hersteller: Anschütz & Co., Kiel

above: NEW! HiRes! Fl.22427 - pneumatischer Horizont mit Feststellvorrichtung ca.1942. Baumuster: Askania (Sperry) Lgab 19-L Hersteller: Askania-Werke AG, Berlin
belowNEWHiRes! Left: Fl. ? - Einkreiselhorizont ca. 1944 Bestandteil des Siemens Autopiloten D 4 LEH 4 Hersteller: Siemens LGW.  -  RightLbl3-B - Wendehorizont 1939. Hersteller: bxx = Askania Werke AG, Berlin-Friedenau

aboveNEWNoHigher! Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me-262 'Schwalbe" Jet fighter WW-Two: 'Askania' Werke -Berlin- gyro-kompass und kunstlichter horizont

aboveNEWHiResFl. 22888 Wendehorizont-Prüfbock 1944 Lph 3 Hersteller: bxx = Askania Werke AG, Berlin-Friedenau - belowNEWHiRes!  Fl.22888 Horizont-Prüfbock 1944
Der Horizont (griechisch „der Gesichtskreis“) ist die Grenzlinie zwischen der sichtbaren Erde und dem Himmel. Der Begriff Horizont wurde von Philipp von Zesen durch den Ausdruck Gesichtskreis eingedeutscht. Ein künstlicher Horizont 
above: NEW! NoHigher!

above: NEW! HiRes! Air France polar flight: le F-BHBR Lockheed "Super Constellation" du type L. 1.649 « Super Starliner »  source:

 above: HiRes! Glider - New Pics!-  below: MedRes! No bigger zoomable than screen!

above: new pic! HiResBig! Very interesting and simply Artifical Horizon and Route-drawing Doppler-plotter  in ICAO CAT-III British Hawker Siddeley Trident-II airliner in 1960s.

above: NEW! NoHigher! Air Art artwork for 'Airapid' Kft. LHSA early 2000s
above & below: NEW pics! HiRes! Bell-textron AH-1J 'Huey-Cobra' pilot's dashboard
aboveNEWBig! I was as avn. Maj. at Taszár Int. Airshow 1992 in USAF Lockheed C-130 "Hercules" on my wrist private Soviet pilot watch; 'Poljot' "Strela". It was very accurate.

aboveNEW!  HiRes! My daughter Dorothy - Dorottya in USAF C-130 cockpit at Taszár 1991.
above & below: Above; Boeing B-737 captin's central panel - Below: Sud Aviation - BAE 'Concorde' captain's dashboard with British 'Ferranti' artifical horizon. sources; internet  NEW pics!
above: New pic! HiRes! Lockheed L-1011 'Tristar' right FO dashboard
above: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection: MedRes! Big! Boeing B-747 captain's dashboard
below: Juci'bacsi's scanned coll. from 1973: NEW! Concorde prototype with testpilots  

above: New Pics! MedRes! Left: Fairchild A-10 'Thunderbolt' - "Warthog" Attack - CAS ap.
above: NEW! Beechcraft B100 "King Air" You can see the spherical surface of backround indicator of AH.
above: MedRes! classify AH giro block
above: NEW! MedRes! Centrale-intertielle missile S3 Musee du Bourget
Gyro data Processing Block

above: NEW! HiRes! "Walk Around" - Classical 'Sperry' Artifical Horizon  forex: MD F-4 "Phantom"

Attitude Indicator (Vertical Situation Indicator - VSI) with DC - Direct Current

above & below three: NEW! Top mix HiRes!  below: MedRes! SKOL  bottom: NoHigher!
aboveNEW+MedRes! Western G.A. system  photo & source: B-747 captain Hu. Szüle Zsolt
above: NEW! NoHigher! Jakovlev Jak-18T Műhorizont/Artifical Horizon Yak-18T

above & belowNEWMedRes! French 'SocataTB20-as dashboard before of  B-747 Hu. Captain Szüle Zsolt direct to Croatia Dubrovnik IAP on AMSL 4000 m. photo by:    source: facebook Szüle Zsolt

above: NEW! NoHigherAngeline Jolie in Top 10 (Hollywood actors Brad Pitt's wife & John Voight's daughter) as a true general aviation pilot wit standby artifical-horizon equipped  cockpit.

aboveNEWHiRes! General Aviation Navigation

Nagy műhorizont gyártó cégek: USA: Sperry, Collins, Honeywell, .... Angol: Ferranti,  Francia: SAGEM, NSzK: Askania, VDO, Siemens, ... Olaszok, Oroszok, Csehek. Lengyelek: PZL

above: MiG-15 aero acrobatics situation through artifical horizon AGD-1

above and below: . three HiRes! : Juci'bacsi's scanned collection
above: Juci'bacsi's repro dia-slide collection copy from GDR ''Armee Rundschau' -
MiG-21MF dashboard with AGD-1
above: HiRes! MiG-21PF cockpit original russian VVS learning poster
 above: New! Schema of AGD
above: new! MedRes! The newest gimbal system seat / armchair with green latex blondie dragon and ...   photo by: Bulltosh   source:
below: NEW! MedRes! "Tokyo Flash" analogue modern piston gimbal wrist watch.
Personally, I think Tokyo Flash’s design motto should be “making it harder to tell time everyday.” Seriously, some of these designs make my brain hurt, and I’m completely sober (today). That doesn’t stop me from wanting to get one, mind you, but they certainly do have a flare for the dramatic in watch design. If you’re a movie fan, I can recommend the TRON inspired watch design. If you’re looking to go on a journey with your watch (but nothing too rugged given the price point), I’d suggest the round trip watch design. I still haven’t figured out how to tell time on it, but it makes for a great conversation piece.

above: New! part of secvential of instrument watching in Mi-8MTB and An-24 fo. right panel
above: NEW! AGD-2 in Hungarian "Kossuth" school of  aviation mechanic profession
above: No Higher!            below: HiRes!

above: AGD-1 Gyro Block - Juci'bacsi's photo about collection of  BHTA (Bakony Hadtörténeti Alapítvány - Bakony Military History Foundation) Hajmáskér

авиагоризонтов АГД-1   below two: New  Schema Pics!
below: electricity supply by 36V 400Hz three fase, from PT-500C current transformer - amplidine
above: No Higher! circuit schema of AGD-1
above: Juci'bácsi photo: HiRes! Mi-8 Copilot dashboard with; ACsSz-1 & AGD-1 and MiG-21 Throttle lever (HVK) (Katona "Tesó" Józsi nyá. re. ftőrm. Mi-8 fed- tech. MVRSz-VREVE elnökségi tag házigyűjteményi kiállítóhelye Doba near Somló)
above: Juci'bacsi photo: newHiRes! Left: Mi-8 first-pilot instrument panel with AGD-1 ah.  Right: Mil Mi-2 dashboard with AGB-1 ah. without ACsSz-1 clock in Hungary Rácalmás, "Polyészter" Mr. Gyöngyösi László's exhibition mini retrospective centre at home.

above: PT-500C for gyros and compass; 36V - 400Hz - 3 fazes; collection of BHTA hajmáskér  HiRes!
above: HiRes! MiG-21PF symulator dashboard at Rácalmás home exchibition site (Juci'bacsi photo)
above: AGD-1 HiRes!

above: NEW! HiRes! KPP-K forex.: MiG-29
above: New! IL-18 Right panel     below: MedRes! Juci'bacsi1s collect: 'Haditechnika'

above: NoHigher! AGB-1 агБ-2  Авиагоризонт Soviet Artifical Horizon from 1950s

aboveNEW! HiRes! HA-Aero Wasp An-2 at Nagyiván near Kunmadaras abandoned former Soviet AFB. Photo by Vándor Károly Eastern-Block

above: Juci'bacsi collect: NEW+MedRes! from Budapester DDR Centrum 1970.: Typensammler brochure: Antonov An-14 "Pcholka" - "Bee" - "Méhecske"
above: NEW! MedRes! Antonov An-14 "Pcholka -Bee -Méhecske" Avsym dashboard with AGB-1

above: HiRes! Kamov Ka-26 dashboard at Rácalmás home exchibition site (Juci'bacsi photo)

above: New pic! Juci'bacsi's photo by Nikon: HiResBig!: Gyro Data Processing Unit (Datchik) gyroscope for jet-fighter MiG-21Bis Taszár Aviation Museum 2012 also FREE!

above: MedRes! Let L-410 aviagorizont

above: New schema!    below: NEW! LUN-1202  Interesting: Because inverse the two color on spherycal backround, then the original LUN for Submarine adjusted attitude indicator. - Azért fordított a Kék és barna szín mert eredetileg tengeralattjárókhoz tervezték.
above: NEW! MedRes! Czech Super-Aero-45 OK-KGB-aeroklub Kolin, dashboard, Prague - Kbely aviation museum LUN aviahorizon
above: NEW pic; PKP in Mi-24V-UTI
above:'s - BHHE's PKP Night Illumination mode
UKT reserve artif. horizon
above: NEW! MedRes! Russian UKT standby artifical horizon
aboveNEWMedRes! UKT. Additioned dashboard of Mi-24D-UTI version by MH KRÜ (Központi Repülőgépjavító Üzem) - Kecskemét - LHKE.  source: facebook: former cmdr. of pool ret. eng.avn.Col.  Egri Károly mk.rep.ezds. volt KRÜ pk.
above: NEW+++! Juci'bacsi's & son Andor collection Olympus photo: HiRes! Mi-24 UKT after Ákoska didn't take back for Me.
above: NEW! MedRes! PKP-72
HiRes! Tu-154 captain's instrument panel with PKP arti. horizon

above: New pic! Tu-154 airliner PKP VSI aviahorizont

above: NEW! NoHigher! 18+ Ekranoplan nude

above: New pic! HiRes! Russian Navy "Lun" troop carrier Ekranoplan, FO's right panel with special artifical horizon, that equipped high precision Radio Altimeter for wing effect height above sea level.

above: New pic! HiResBig! The Lun's First Officer is training te se level horizontal situation with the new 'Russian simulator' jakuzzi bath as a "Home Ekranoplan or Dragon"
above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's collect: NoHigher! Sextant scan: OMI (Ottico Meccanica Italiana) Della Difesa Aviazione

above: Juci'bacsi's repro dia-slide collection copy (Sorry! I have forgotten the source in 1980s)

above: NEW! HiRes! VSI & HSI General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon"     below: Top: three axis indicate AHs  - Apollo Command Module Artifical Horizon HiRes!

above: NEW! NoHigher! McDonnell Douglas F-4 "Phantom-II"
above: NEW! MedRes! 'Gemini' spacecraft instrument panel

above: NEW! MedRes! Apollo Command Modul ADI   below: NEW! MedRes! presentation
below: Many thanks! for courtesy pics to John Fongheiserbelow two: NEWMedRes! ADI

above: NEW! HiRes! Apollo CM   (cropped) by casper
above: NEW! Mitsubishi Mu-2 Biz.-Prop acf. dashboard (Juci'bacsi's repro dia-slides collection copy)

above: simple Know-How Indicator

other simple indicator
above: New pic! Simple artifical Horizon MedRes!    below: NEW! NoHigher!  VSI & HSI

NEWabove & belowHiRes!  CRT & Stbdy artifical horizons. Windy meteo situation on CRT weather radar screen in Sky Europe Boeing B-737-800 HA-LKU during aproaching for land to Austrian Flughafen Innsbruck International Airport INN / LOWI 2000's. Photo by SE Chief captain Szüle Zsolt.üle-zsolt

above Two & below: NEW! MedRes! 'Saudi Cargo' TC-MCL Boeing B-747-400SF 'Jumbo Jet' airfreighter VSI & HSI CRT monitors wth Qatar sheet. photo by: capt. Hu. Szüle Zsolt  source: facebook Szüle Zsolt

above: NEW+! MedRes! capt. Hungarian Szüle Zsolt in 'Saudia Cargo' B-747-400SF cockpit
above: NEW! NoHigher! Schema of "Sagnac" theory LASER Gyro (soviet: Aviacia & Kosmonavtika)
Russian Laser ring - gyro
Sagnac theory's Laser Gyro

CRT (Chatode Ray Tube) Artifical Horizon VSI & HSI and other Flight Control Displayed

above: NEW! NoHigher! 'Thales' Aerospace Division IESY Standby instrument

above: NEW! MedRes! Gimballady: Hu. retro topmodel: Miss Marjai Judit  source: : 80-as évek manökenjei csop.  from: Ifjúsági Magazin IM - 1985.

above: NEW Pics! Juci'bacsi's scanned collection about MY planner book 1973. Selfmade skeetch-plan Electro Independent - Emergency / Standby three axis-gimbals Mechanical Artifical Horizon for acf & gliders. Electricity need only illumination and heater DC 7,5V (optional)
above: NEW Pics! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's skeetch from My sheets about combined artifical horizon for Mi-8, 1985-'86
above: NEW! NoHigher! Gimbals earrings by Laya
above: NEW: Ship / boat 'artifical horizon' - below: Tank Attitude Indicator-TAI - courtesy FREE!
above: NEW! Ship artifical horizont?
 NEW! NoHigher! WW-Two Kriegsmarine U-Boot attitude indicators for Pitch control
above: NEW! "Spy-phone" Mobil-handy application as HUD artifical horizon & theodolite.

above: New pic! Italian made Bell & Ross artifical horizon style  wrist watch.

above: NEW! Artifical-horizon style, Swiss Made IWC Scaffhausen - Automatic wristwatch

aboveNEWMedRes! Watch-Rubicon cockpit - with artifical horizon dial Watches 44 mm & 50 mm High Quality, Swiss & Miyota-Japan Movement Aviation Instrument, Inspired Mens Watches. Limited to 200 pieces.

Below: over +18 years old photo!

above: New Gift pic! 18+ Yakovlev  Yak-52 / Jak-52 Bionic artifical horizon during aretting.


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