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31.) Aн-8 Антонов _ Antonov An-8 "Camp" Soviet Military Cargo Airliner Aircraft - Cutaway / Cross Section Drawing _ An-10 "Ukrajna -Украйна " ЧЕРТЕЖИ И СХЕМЫ

Aн-8 Антонов - Antonov An-8 "Camp" Soviet Military Cargo Aircraft. Old Cutaway / Cross Section Drawing. An-10 "Ukrajna -Украйна" turboprop airliner. ЧЕРТЕЖИ И СХЕМЫ. Juci'bácsi's  feljavító preparation artwork

Refreshed to!-106%-24.01.20189-Regulated+++++:+
Reconstructed and Colour Developed Cross Section Sheet HiRes! Drawing
Reconstructed Cross Section Skeletonial Drawing by;
Belowa lot of 4 parts of Original Cross Section BIG Drawings from Russian Modeller's Site
Attention ! Sorry The Downloaded Drawing will not Scale due  Blog pict. size limitation !

Details :

above Two: NEW! HiRes! Original downloaded detail pages of drawing
NEW! NoHigher! above: Tail section with onboarding Paras   below: On air
above: NEW! MedRes! Four view drawing  http://gaza-aircraft.blogspot.com
Very BIG 6 view Draw
above: Viewing thumbnail problem! But after click in zoom very good large & resolution multiview line draw!
Fwd. Pressurized Pilot and Passanger Cabin's door

Rear airframe section
Details of Ramp door
Details of Rear Gunnery Station
Middle airframe - loading space section
 NEWaboveHiRes! The side-door - az oldalajtó    below: MedRes! sideview
aboveMedRes! Schema of retracable nose wheel
Schema of retracabla main wheel of under carriage

above: NEW Pics: An-8 A-Modell     below: NEW! NoHigher! Cross profiles from balsa wood
Vasil Zolotov famous Russian acf.s' profile Artist's artwork   http://basilzolotov.com/
The AN-8 (NATO code-named "Camp") is the twin-engined forerunner of the AN-10 and of the better known AN-12 ("Cub"). It remained elusive to the western world for a long time. It was designed for the armed forces as a rear-loading tactical transport and as an Aeroflot requirement for a 42-48 seat passenger/freighter.. The AN-8 first flew during late 1955 and there were probably some 100-200 examples produced. All the Aeroflot examples were ex military. It was long thought that the AN-8 had retired long ago, but a few crept out of the dark regions of the former Soviet empire. 
 NEW! above: NoHigher! Three view profile artwork
above: NEW! MedRes! 3D Avsym        below: MedRes! 'Amodel' decal - matrica
above: NEW! MedRes! Russian An-8 modellers
above: NoHigherOleg Antonov have been inspecting the An-8's model aircraft
above: NEW! NoHigher! An-8 taxis on AEROFLOT's aerodrome.
Military Transport Aircraft
The Antonov An-8 is a twin-engined military transport aircraft by the Soviet design bureau OKB Antonov (today Antonov ASTC, Ukraine).
Propulsion2 Turboprop Engines
Engine ModelIwtschenko / Ivchenko / ZMKB Progress AI-20D
Engine Power (each)3082 kW4133 shp
Speed520 km/h281 kts

  323 mph
Service Ceiling9.600 m31.496 ft
Range3.900 km2.106 NM

2.424 mi.
Empty Weight24.400 kg53.793 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight43.400 kg95.680 lbs
Wing Span37,00 m121,4 ft
Wing Area117,2 m²1262 ft²
Length30,70 m100,7 ft
Height9,70 m31,8 ft
First Flight11.02.1956
Production Statusout of production
Production Range1957-1961
Total Production151
NATO CodeCamp
Data for (Version)Antonov / Antonow An-8
лекотов арентранспортен самолет
Произведени бройки
Първи полет
Използван от

В експлоатация до
изведен от експлоатация

Лав Характеристики [редактиране]

  • Капацитет — 48 души
  • Дължина30,74 m
  • Разпереност37 m
  • Полезен товар16 750 kg
  • Двигатели — 2×Прогрес АИ-20Д (3 863 kW всеки)
  • Максимална скорост480 km/h

above: NoHigher!  3x Mix    below: MedRes! 10
below: MedRes!  Mix Three
Тактико-технические характеристики Ан-8
Экипаж, чел 5-6
Размах крыльев, м 37,0  Длина самолёта, м 30,744
Высота, м 10,045  Площадь крыла, кв.м 117,2
Размеры грузовой кабины, м 
длина 11,0  ширина (в зоне ниш шасси) 3,6 (2,5)  высота (в районе центроплана) 2,9 (2,42)
Тип двигателя 2 x АИ-20Д  Тяга двигателя (э.л.с.) 2 x 5180
Масса пустого, т 24,3  Нормальная взлётная масса, т 38,0 
Максимальная взлётная масса, т 41,0
Максимальная полезная нагрузка, т 11,0 (или 40 парашютистов)
Дальность полёта, км с максимальной нагрузкой 850 перегоночная 4410
Максимальная скорость, км/ч 520  Крейсерская скорость, км/ч 450
Практический потолок, м 9600  Разбег, м 775  Пробег, м 590
above & below: MedRes! 10
above: MedRes!  An-8 Amodel scale 1:72
above: NEW! MedRes! Vintage photo about in Take Off An-10A "Ukraine"
above: NEW Pics! HiRes!: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection from Modellezés magazin 1980's
An-10A "Украйна - Ukrajna" (Ukraine")
An-10A  HiRes!
above: NEW Internet Pics! An-10 'Ukraina'
above: NEW! HiRes! Accesories of Cargo compartment - Tehertér felszerelés
 NEW! NoHigher! above: Nosegear - orrfutómű   below: Main gear - főfutómű

Developed An-8 as An-12

below: NEWpic: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection: HiRes! An-12 (Good Resolution! No Blur!)
above: New! NoHigher! An-12 original cutaway drawing
aboveNEWNoHigher! Airborne ASU-85 Assault Gun goes from Antonov An-8 - - VDV (Воздушно-десантные войска, - Légideszant Csapatok)
above: new! MedRes! Polyarnaya Arctic An-12 in Low-Pass over runway   below: MedRes! By Juci'bacsi collect from 1973. Free!
aboveNEW+NoHigher!  Juci'bacsi's  ORWO Dia/Slide Repro copy DDR VEB PENTACON 'Praktica' FX.2 collect from early1980's: 'Aviation Week & Space Technology'; at Hu. MoD Military Science Library of Institute & Museum of Military History in Budapest in Budaer castle - HM HIM Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum Hadtudományi Könyvtár, (Dr. Nádor Ferenc ezds. könyvtárvezető OI.M.) I. ker. Kapisztrán-tér - square 2-4.  Soviet Aeroflot An-12   also Courtesy FREE!

above: NEW! Glazed retro car: Right: MedRes!  Left: MedRes! VW Volkswagen T10 Microbus/Van "Camper"

below: new! HiRes! Antonov type profile poster
above: NEW! NoHigher! white An-8
Прощай, "Антонов": на Украине ликвидируют легендарный авиаконцерн
above: NEW! NoHigher! Barykin: Shiguli beer (1 litre, litre canned - comment of the translator) - Zsiguli sör (1 literes, dobozos- a fordító megjegyzése)
Valery Barykin:
There’s a lot of cool illustration and painting coming out of Russia these days and much of it seems to be influenced by American popular culture. I know nothing about this illustrator (no Wikipedia page yet and minimal web presence), other then he fuses old pin-up style illustration with 40’s and 50’s propaganda design. Some of his pin-ups are direct copies of existing art such as the Gil Elvgren girl below right. If anyone speaks Russian or knows anything about Valery Barykin (his/her name is even spelled a few different ways) please let me know. All I know is he’s pretty damn good.  ...

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