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27.) Navigation in Windy Weather Meteorological Condition The Air-Navigation "Wind-Triangle". repülés szeles időjárási között. A Navigációs "Szélháromszög"! Навигационый штурман, НЛ-10 навигационная линейка

Navigation in Windy Weather Condition - Szeles/Viharos időben with Wind triangle - Széháromszög számítás - Slide ruler, -disk - Logarléc: NL-10, -Logartárcsa: E6-B Flight Computer manual

Refreshed! to-126%-15.09.2019.-Regulated:+++++++++++++++++++++++:+:+
az 'Yvette'-ciklon kellemetlen szeles  időjárást hozott;
above: Origin! Russian navigation equipment
aboveNEWNoHigher! Juci'bácsi's repro ORWO/Forte dia/slide photo copy from early 1980's: IL-76 navigator officer in La-5 slemaphon with NL-10 slide rule over map pic from: Aviatsiya Cosmonavtika  also Courtesy FREE!
above: NEW! MedRes! Avsim. IL-14 navigator instrument panel with chart & NL-10 slide-rule

aboveNEWNoHigher! Juci'bacsi scanned from 'Fáklya'-'Storch' magazine from 1975.: VVSz' or Soviet Navy's Tupolev Tu-16 or Tu-95 strategics Recon/Bomber navigator & bombardier in ZSh-3 calculates with NL-10 navigation slide ruler.

aboveNEWNoHigher! In the IL-28 navigator-bomb aimer cupola

above: NEW! NoHigher! Programm Luftnavigation - Program Air Navigation ARISTO.  Belgian SABENA (Societé Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, était lacompagnie aérienne nationale belge (Code AITA : SN ; code OACI : SAB), fondée en 1923 et déclarée en faillite en 2001.)'s OO-SRB's Sud Aviation SE-210 'Caravelle', F.O. (Captain) calculates the traversing againts wind 1970.

above: VINTAGE ARISTO AVIAT 617 Flight Navigation Circular Slide 1960's ...by: Willhaben
223.) Airships - Léghajók: "Zeppelin" Friedrichshafen & vintage Ladies! & Landscapes: Budapest and Stockholm: https://szextant.blogspot.com/2019/08/223-airships-leghajok-zeppelin.html
above: NEW! MedRes! "Where is my sextant?" -Bad Food & Bad Dog-  source: Pinterest
aboveNEWMedRes! Article about navigation  source: facebook
above: NEW! MedRes! Navigation Study Room for JAR-FCL  source: Aerokurier.de
HiResabove: NEW! (Reduced to 975x1300 px!) Hungarian Sky in the morning of 04. march of 2019. a.m. 07:00 at Litér close to Veszprém city.  XIAOMI Smart-Phone művész-Fotó - artisty Photo by: Ms. Bártfai Mária -Veszprém city-     below: NEW! lake Balaton, shore of Balatonfüred photo on  05.october 2019. p.m. LT 18:00 by also artist Ms. Bártfai Mária Veszprém city
above: NEW! NoHigher! Cumulo-nimbus  source: pinterest.com
above: NEW! NoHigher! Tornado & Stormy, Cumulo Nimbus - Viharos Zivatarfelhő
above: NEW! TV Meteo Synoptic breefing about expected windy weather condition at California.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Weather made to order?  source: google
above & below Two: NEW+HiRes! (Crop bottom!) "Reality - Valóságos!"; Storm with strong lightning over lake Balaton at area of Lepsény, viewed from district of Balatonalmádi, in 2018. august.11. - Vihar erős villámlással Lepsény felett.  XIAOMI Smart-Phone művész-Fotó - artisty Photo by: Ms. Bártfai Mária -Veszprém city-  below: Storm cloud - Viharfelhő on low lewel - alacsonyan

above: NEWMedRes! Hollywood starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Radiant as fire itself. District 12's victor Quarter Quell - Katniss Everdeen   Pinterest

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American actress. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she was spotted by a talent scout in New York City at the age of 14. She soon moved to Los Angeles and began her acting career by playing guest roles in television shows. Her first major role came as a main cast member on the sitcom The Bill Engvall Show (2007–09). She made her film debut with a supporting role in Garden Party (2008), following which she had her breakthrough with the acclaimed role of a poverty-stricken teenager in the independent drama Winter's Bone (2010).  ...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Lawrence
 NEW! NoHigherabove: USAF WC-130 'Hercules' Weather Recce-"Hurricane Fighter" male navigator    below: Juci'bacsi collect: ATIS - Air Traffic Information Service, Sheet of prepare of flight - Légiforgalmi tájékoztató Szolgálat ATIS felkészülési lap
aboveNoHigher! The very important instrument, the aneroid Barométer - a Szelencés Légnyomásmérő. Therefore  must be report the surface QFE anf AMSL QNH airpressure data
above: NEW! MedRes! 'Zeno watch' Basel swiss made
above: new! MedRes! USAAF navigation prepare for mission: by Herbert Zim: 1943 US Army Pilots Doing Dead Reckoning Flight Planning
above: NEW! NoHigher! RAF's Short "Stirling" Bomber Navigator at Work on His Charts
above: NEW! NoHigher! Navigator's desk on board a Short 'Sunderland'  source: Pinterest
above: NEW! NoHigher! USN Hydroplane, PBM Martin 'Mariner' navigator, wirelles op. "Where is this Girl? What is her phone-number?": PBM Martin 'Mariner' navigator, wirelles operator    source: Pinterest
aboveNEWNoHighers! 'Mariner' Navigator's fiancée - menyasszonya

above: NEW! MedRes! Painting; Navigator with Navigation analogue Computer-disk in B-17 In the nose of an 8th AF Boeing the navigator charts the course to a German Industrial target

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Japanese Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" med. navy bomber  source: fishki.net

 NEWNoHigheraboveArtisty paint about, Inside in the ancient precedessor of Avro 'Shackleton' ASW #RAF #Avro '#Lancaster' heavy bomber crew, during Night mission over Germany land during rays of search storch of Anti-Aircraft fire in a "True stormy circumtenses"; Wirelles Radio Operator with Morse knob and Navigator and Radar Operator, Board Enginer, last one Pilot,  during night mission -"We guide to strike"..   below: Radio trannsceiver  source: Pinterest.com

above: NEW! HiRes! DC-3 navigator site  photo: Ian L. Sitren  source: facebook
aboveNEWHiRes! Miss Curvella in the navigator's station of the Douglas C-47 Dakota.  photo: Mark Greenmantle Photography: http://www.greenmantle.biz/  source: Google G+ Hu. collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán

NEW! above: MedRes!  below: NoHigher!  DALTON Recogning-Computer Toronto, Canada
Model "G" Stanley Manufacturing Co. Limited   below Two: NoHigher! Opened Front side

above: NEW! NoHigher! Altimeter Calibrator
above: NEW! WW-Two's Navigator-working at his chart table in a RAF Vickers "Wellington" bomber (or? Short "Stirling"?) with compass and slide disc.

above: NEW! HiRes! British RAF heavy bomber; Handley Page 'Halifax' navigator table

above: NEW! NoHigher! Artisty painting: USAAF Boeing B-29's "Superfortress" Navigator, Maps_Reading maps and the Gyro Horizon Indicator for precision bombing. Let's Finish the Job. Buy Extra War Bonds. On Target - Let.

above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's photo 2013: LHPA - HAW "Open-Day" HiRes! HuAF "DR" disc - ~ tárcsa

above: NEW! HiRes! DR-double side disc - DR-tárcsa DreieckRechner  source: ruler museum

above: NEWHiRes! Navigation 'DR-2'-disc - tárcsaPlath-Hamburg 1941. Luftwaffe Navigation Instrument - source: Vehicles and Equipment  www.treasure bunker.
above: Soviet Mil Mi-6 heavy cargo helicopter's navigator with "Vetrochock" in glazed navigator's nose

The wind-triangle examples for navigation computers - Szélháromszög példák a nav. tárcsára

NEWNoHigherabove:  Felsenthal & Sons    below: CR-6 disk
above: NEW! MedRes! Ms. Rose Marie von Direction with LP disks by Harry Ekman
above: NEW! HiRes! Aeronavigation Map / Chart compass rose with magnetic deviation.
above: NEW! Synoptic breefing about the expected windy meteo circumtenses.
Kedvelvevő ábrák ! - Unmotivation drawings!
aboveNEWNoHigher! Navigation teacher at the black board  source: www.mellbimbo.eu
Navigation Wind-Triangle methods - navigációs Szél-háromszög elvek. Below ! NEW !
above: NEW! NoHigher! Wind-Triangle Vectors

above: NEW! HiRes! Juci'bacsi photo about sculpture at Veszprém castle - vár in Piarista Church - St. Imre templom. The true meteorologics expert the Jesus the God's son. - Az időjárással igazán Isten fia Jézus van tisztában.

above: new! HiRes! Declitractor - Stocker & Yale Inc.

above: NEW! MedRes! Total wind on Aircraft Carrier: Meteo-wind, Ship's moving-wind and Rotorwind.:-US Navy CVN Lt.j.g. Ike R. Stutts recovers a Sikorsky SH-60B "Seahawk" in control cabin full directional disc gauges.

above: NEW! HiRes! Glamour in TWR  source: Google Hu. Collector: Mr. Bányiczky Zoltán

above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect from: 'Magyar Honvéd' A Honvédelmi Minisztérium Hetilapja XI. évf. 9. szám. 2000. március 3.  Ára: 98,-Ft "Háború és Béke - Hétről Hétre" - 'Hungarian Defender/Soldier' The Weeknews of Hu. MoD "War & Peace - from Week to Week": Rumanian AF's Antonov An-30 aerial orto-photography airplane with HuAF Navigator in glazed nose over Hu. country. "Powering confidence sky eye"  photo: Kiséri Nagy Ferenc  source: www.honvedelem.hu or armedia.hu

Kedvelvevő oldalakRe-16 Légitájékozódás c. könyvből (MN) a széleltérítés számításhoz; FREE!

above: NEW! HiRes! Sorry but little blur! original Soviet NL-10 - НЛ-10 навигационная линейка -

"Panzer Ball" Páncélos és Ballisztikai Haditechnikai Diákszakkör & "X-Factorialis" Repüléselméleti Diákszakkörök (Megszüntetve a MH nem megfelelő hozzállása miatt!)

NEW ! Above: HiRes! Juci'Bacsi's Knee Planset (Térd Planset)

above: Aristo 'Aviat'   below. NEW! HiRes! Aristo "Aviat" used by MALÉV IL-18's crew-navigators.  source: facebook MALÉV  page

above: NEW! HiRes! Aristo - AVIAT
above: NEW Pic ! "Vetrocsok"    below: NEWaboveNoHigher! Accessories of u-95 Sturman: Vetrochok, 'Vostok' wrist-watch, NL-10 slide ruler, knee Planset, Chart and Aviaciya hat.
Kedvelvevő képek ! Unmotivation pics !
above: HiRes! Logar Disc
above: NEW! MedRes! Jeppesen navigation small bag

Above: NEW pics ! E-6B Logartárcsa   Right: changed old to NEW! HiRes!  below: Too!

Blogger Hu. text: Mind a mai napig -a számítógépek korában is- nélkülözhetetlenek a hagyományos számító eszközök a repülésben. A navigációs felkészülés valamint a repülés közbeni légitájékozódási feladatok végzése során is nagyon praktikusan használható eszközök, nem beszélve a vészhelyzeti eljárásokról, pl.: amikor elmegy az MFD kijelző vagy áramellátási hibák adódnak és ennek tetejéban még erős napkitörések is vannak. Pontosságban hozzák azt amit a fedélzeti műszerekkel, kijelzőkkel tartani lehet. Nem beszélve a gyorsaságról, ha jól kezeli az ember előbb kipörgeti (kitolja) a szükséges adatokat, mint ahogy a klaviatúrán turbulencia közepette bepötyögi azt. Tehát nem lenézni! Amíg a B-2 Spirit, a B-737NG és F-18 NAVY pilóták ezt tekergetik addig van létjogosultságuk a logartárcsáknak ill. logarléceknek. Meg különben is B-737-et anno meg az Apolló űrhajót is ezzel tervezték. tehát ifjúság! fel a fejjel el a monitortól és tekerés, s nem utolsósorban brahinak sem rossz.
above: NEW! Theory of  Triangle graphic
above: NEW! MedRes! Russian made Aviator watch 'Sturmanskie"
above: NEW! NoHigher! South Korean made ASA E6-B Flight Computer  source: Pinterest.com

above Two & below 47: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bácsi's scanned E6-B collection: Manual My Courtesy!


above & below: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's color scanned E6-B slide rule Flight Computer. also Courtesy FREE!

above: NEW! NoHigher! Swiss Made aviator watch: Breitling "Navitimer Cosmonaute" blacksteel with calculation slide ruler.

above: NEW! NoHigher! "Ms. Wendy Windy" in LHBP 'Ferihegy' Twr. before the LRI's (Légiforgalmi és Repülőtéri Igazgatóság - Directorate of Air Traffic and Airport) meteo gauges 1960's: Air pressure hgmm/hpascal, Wind direction, Humidity gauges.  source: www.fortepan.hu

above: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bacsi's also courtesy FREE! ZENIT-E ('LOMO') photo: aug. 1977. Bulgaria-Várna downtown in glass of Travelling Office Bulgarian 'Balkan' Airways' Tupolev Tu-134 cockpit. Wind correction by PPI Radar-navigation pattern. This picture hadn't in Hungary during this time!    below: NEW+! NoHigher! Tu-134 navigator instrument panel

aboveNEWHiRes! DDR INTERFLUG Ilyushin IL-62 airliner's Navigator site
above: NEW+! Juci'bácsi's Practica TTL photo from 1991. Taszár AB Airshow it was first in Hu., MedRes! The basic modern equipment the PPI radar for measure of wind deviation. Lockheed C-130H "Hercules" navigator's station with resting bed on right.  also Courtesy FREE!

above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bácsi's collect from C-130 Navigator 1995.: Tactical Airlift Mission Plotter - Harcászati Légiszállítási Feladat/Küldetés Plotter/Felrakó/Vonalzó/Sablon

NEW! below HiRes!  Windy meteo situation on CRT weather radar screen in Sky Europe Boeing B-737-800 during aproaching for land to Austrian Flughafen Innsbruck International Airport INN / LOWI 2000's  source: www.facebook.com/szüle-zsolt

above & below: NEW+! MedRes! HSI - CRT monitor: 2014. július 6., Ladbergen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, close to Deutschland - Németország közelében  photo & source: 'Saudia Cargo' TC-ACG Boeing B-747 "Jumbo Jet" airfreighter's captain Hu. Szüle Zsolt from His facebook 

below: MedRes! I with My aviation friend SKY EUROPE regional chief B-737-400-EF pilot Capt. Szüle Zsolt (left) on LHSA Szentkirályszabadja-Veszprém Civilian Airport 2002. occasion of first land of SE B-737-800.

above: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bacsi points the wind direction on LHSA
below: Birgingham Airport (UK) landing in windy condition Video

above: NEW! HiRes! Computer Aerial Photographic Data slide-ruler: Union Instrument Co. Plainfield N.J. S190 Pickett-Union Type A-1 MIL-C-4318B   below: NEW! MedRes! nautical nylon plotter.

above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bácsi's collect: Koordinatenmesser  also Courtesy FREE!
aboveNEW+HiRes! Juci'bácsi's collect: Protractor - Szögmérő  also Courtesy FREE!

above: NEW+! MedRes! Juci'bacsi's handmade invention Navigation Flight Direction Computer for IFR Approach patterns and Wind direction table - Juci kéziszerkesztéses majd fénymásolt fejlesztése a Műszerrepüléshez és a Bejöveteli Rendszerekhez from 1985. LHSA Szentkirályszabadja MN 8920 Harcihelikopter ezred - Combat Helicopter Regt. Újítómozgalom. Made by paper copy and cartoon base and  6 mm screw or "Milton" kapocs. Med cca. 50 pcs. db. készült.  also Courtesy FREE!
above: NEW! HiRes!  Combined Plotter with slide disc
above Two: NEW! HBig! 'KwikPlot' navigational plotters
above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's collect: Soviet,  Lineyka Oficerskaya - Commander Ruler - Parancsnoki Vonalzó  also Courtesy FREE!
above: new! HiResBig! Hungarian navigation plotter HBK-1 (Mr. Hargitai-Berkes-Kovács) source: ret. avn. stgt. Mi-8 bordtechn. Mr. Budavári Sándor fb.com. Top of line 17 - 17,7 cmyou can se a mini kidney rock!   below: NEW! Ürmös photo of Juci'bacsi collection: HiRes! Courtesy FREE!
above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's Radial Plotter from HBK-1
aboveNEW! NoHigher! The navigation Teacher - A navigációs tanár  source: www.mellbimbo.eu
 above:  Soviet NL-10 Air-Navigation Slide-ruler - Navigációs Logarléc
aboveNEWÜrmös photo of Juci'bacsi collection: HiRes! plastic Hu. made NL-10 Courtesy FREE!
above: Study of WAAF Navigator

above: NEW! PlayBoy (Entartainment for Men) Issue April 1959: Plans for a wonderful weekend; alternative solution of slide ruler's and compass' function for subjective plan in Navigators' freetime.

above: NEW! NoHigher! B-747-219 Air New Zealand Nick Caulton Flight Engineer
above: NEW+! HiRes! Aviator pinup girl in the navigator seat, inside the Avro 'Shackleton' Mk.3 PH3 -WR982 "J." Royal Navy Patrol & ASW  source: Hungarian Google G+ Collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Expert
above: NEW! NoHigher! Female Navigator Aviatrix at home in freetime: Jana Cová czeská modelká
 above & belowNEWNoHigher! Windy meteorological conditions and solution to aerodinamic; Unfortunate moments - Szerencsétlen - Peches pillanatok  source: PPS 

above: NEW! Basic of radius-arc calculation the marked wind direct of by new athletics wind-basket - a körív számítás alapja az újfajta atlétikai szélzsák "Buló" által jelzett szélirány.

above: NEW! MedRes! In good sunny weather condition: Molly sunbads on the wing  source: Google G+ Hu. Collector: Bányiczki Zoltán
above: NEW! "Spirit of wind" as red hair girl

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