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48.) Modell: Repülőgépek - RC Model Airplanes - Self Made, Series - Girls _ Martin B-26 Marauder, Lavochkin La-7, F-104 Starfighter, Aero L-39 Albatros, Jakovlev Yak-54 and Sexy Modellers

Modell Repülőgépek - RC Model Airplanes. Self Made Series & Girls. Martin B-26 Marauder, VIDEO, Lavochkin La-7,  P2-V7 Neptune, F-104 Starfighter, Bf. 109, Aero L-39 Albatros, Jakovlev Yak-54 and Pretty Modellers Wimin

Refreshed! to-104%-23.06.2018.+++++++++
Yak-54 acrobatic airplane model with model girl - below: same Her HiRes! NEW pic!
Military Fashion Swimwears - Katonais Fürdőruhákhttp://szextant.blogspot.hu/2017/06/199-military-swimwears-khaki-olive-drab.html
above: NEW+! NoHigher! RC model Pretty Girl  source: Pinterest.com
above: BA Boeing B-757

above: NEW! MedRes! The beautiful American RC model of: In My opinion; the most shaped - design military airplane in the World: the Lockheed P2V-7 "Neptune" Patrol & ASW.   below: MedRes! Box cover of scxale 1:100 authenic kit

below: American Revell asembly. (Blogger remark: I had got it. It was beautiful silver body. I had got it from Mr. Holczer Tibi'bácsi - uncle from KIOSz there He was workmate my Mother - HT-től aki munkatársa volt a Kisiparosok Országos Szövetsége irodaházban Budapest, V. ker. Kálmán utca)

 Heureca! I have find it! Megtaláltam! Éljeeen!!! Wow!!! above & below Five: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bácsi scan collect from Budapest, 1967. It's Rewell assembly Instruction of scale M=1:100 authenic model - élethű makett - Összerakási utasítás
above & below: NEW! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect: Attached Advert of Revell kits
above & belowNEWHiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect: Attached Advert of Revell kits

above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect from early1980. De. text: FRG Germany 'Hobby' magazin der tecchnik 14.2.1983-8: Boeing B-737 propeller driven RC model structure
above: NEW! MedRes! German Dornier Do-24 'Wal' SAR - Search And Rescue hydroplane
above: Trumpeter Mi-24 maket

above 7 photos: HiRes! Juci'bacsi's made at Tatai-tó "Víz-Zene" fesztivál 2008.
above: new!

above: NEW! NoHigher! original photo about Martin B-26 "Marauder" medium Front bomber

above: NEW! NoHigher! original colur 'Kodak' photo from LIFE Magazine in WW-Two about Martin B-26 "Marauder"  source: www.pinterest.com

aboveNEWNoHigher! Martin B-26 Marauder Freee French AF Martin, Museum of Airand Space Paris, LeBourget.  source: pinterest & wikipedia

 above & below: NEW! HiRes!  Martin B-26 drawing   source: B-26_blueprints.ucoz.ru
above: NEW! NoHigher! Marauder tail gunner  source: Pinterest.com
above & below: HiRes! Lockheed F-104 "Starfighter" model in processing
aboveNEW Pic!: Juci'bacsi's photos: HiRes! ret. av. st. sgt. Kontsagh Sándor nyá. rep. mű. zls. modellezőszakkör vezetője a taszári repülőmúzeum vezáralakja és motorja modellrepülőgépei a modellező pinceműhelyben 2012.
above Juci'bacsi-Andrew photo: Pápa Air Base - LHPA Open Day in summer of 2012 Szu-26 model
above: NEW pic: Juci'bacsi's scanned collection from my planner book: 1972: mind skeetch of model acf's retracable nose gear.
above: NEW! NoHigher! Model Airport's Marshaller
above: NEW+! NoHigher! ' Messzer' Bf 109G6 modeller girl   source: Hu. Google G+ collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Expert 
above: NEW! NoHigher! Supermarine race aircraft RC Modeler 1977, original source: Megatrip

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